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Voices of Title IX: TEDXBoston

Credit: John Werner

TEDx Talks

Words & Wombs Create Worlds: The Black Maternal Health Crisis | Shawnee Benton Gibson | TEDxBoston

The problem with women's sports | Haley Rosen | TEDxBoston

Invest in the Care of the Female Athlete: Don't Fear Our Potential | Kate Ackerman | TEDxBoston

Mars is not 'Plan B': we are all astronauts on Spaceship Earth | Dava Newman | TEDxBoston

How to win when you don't | Lea Davison | TEDxBoston

Changing the game of performance footwear for women ballers everywhere. | Natalie White | TEDxBoston

Stakes and storylines: Disrupting the myth that women's sports are boring | Kate Fagan | TEDxBoston

Afghani Biker Trains in U.S. to Live Her Olympic Dream | Rukhsar Habibzai | TEDxBoston

Moms + Daughters, Baseball, Equality | Melissa Ludtke | TEDxBoston

Breaking the Cycle: Ableism and phenomenon of lowered expectations | Cheri Blauwet | TEDxBoston

WNBA legend on basketball, motherhood, success, and what's next | Sheryl Swoopes | TEDxBoston

A Women's Professional Basketball League Before the WNBA | Elizabeth Galloway McQuitter | TEDxBoston

Representation Is Hope: You Have To See It to Be It | Esther Wallace | TEDxBoston

Inclusion Without Equity Leaves Us Behind | Anna Johannes | TEDxBoston

50 Years and Still Running: Pioneering women of the Boston Marathon | Sara Mae Berman | TEDxBoston

The power of finding your most authentic self | Mira Shane | TEDxBoston

What's Your Superpower? Ordinary Action to Extraordinary Achievement | Dede Griesbauer | TEDxBoston

Master Your Unstoppable Mindset | Joey Lye | TEDxBoston

The Power of Practice: Lessons From 10 Years of Pushups | Emily Saul | TEDxBoston

I might look like a superhuman, but I'm a human first. | Karsta Lowe | TEDxBoston

How to Own 'Your' Arena, when you're the 'ONLY' one | Katrina Adams | TEDxBoston

No Colon: Still Rollin' | Cassidy Bargell | TEDxBoston

Racing While Female: 50 years of competing through life's stages | Karen Smyers | TEDxBoston

Power of Passion: In the Sports Management Suite the Present is Female | Kate Madigan | TEDxBoston

Send the Email | Ali Feller | TEDxBoston

He’s Not The Sun, You Are | Molly Little | TEDxBoston

Why we need A Title IX for research | Emily Capodilupo | TEDxBoston

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