Katrina Geiger, Taylor Morgan and Cat Osterman


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Athletes Unlimited leagues are composed of the world’s top athletes in their respective sports. In order to be eligible to play, athletes must possess the skill and experience to compete at the highest level of athletic competition in the relevant sport.

Athletes Unlimited encourages all potential athletes to complete their NCAA eligibility in their respective sports. Athletes Unlimited will not draft, recruit or invite players who have not completed their NCAA eligibility. Any athlete that has not completed their NCAA eligibility or previously played professionally and is nevertheless interested in participating in Athletes Unlimited, is strongly encouraged to review the NCAA rules and regulations prior to submitting the form below as this may exclude them from future consideration as a NCAA athlete.

The selection process for each sport is determined by Athletes Unlimited together with the Player Executive Committee for that sport. The selection process and criteria may vary from sport to sport and the relevant information will be posted to this page. Any athlete who has questions regarding eligibility can contact Athletes Unlimited by emailing [email protected].

Athletes Unlimited does not discriminate in its selection process based on race, religion, national origin, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender expression, pregnancy status or parental status. For more information on our policies regarding pregnancy, click here. For information on our policy of inclusion for transgender and non-binary athletes, click here.


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