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We believe the traditional model of pro sports is not built to bring out the best in athletes, or to deliver the most to its fans. So we developed an all-new model for pro athletes and sports – and for you.

We are using this innovative player-centric model to create leagues across sports. Since we launched Athletes Unlimited on March 3, 2020, we’ve seen success in our women’s professional softball, volleyball, basketball and lacrosse leagues, and we have more exciting ventures on the horizon.

As a Public Benefit Corporation, we are mission-driven and founded on the values of innovation, inclusion and excellence. We aim to empower athletes as leaders, promote inclusive ownership focused on long-term financial and personal well-being of athletes, and bring fans closer to the game by innovating on and off the field.

We are incredibly proud of what our community of athletes, staff and partners have already accomplished in just two short years. And the best part is, we’re just getting started.


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2023 Letter from our Co-Founders

Athlete First

The athletes have an unprecedented voice in the governance of the game, the league, and the company, so they have more agency over their future, careers and sports. Athletes participate in our leagues through a profit-sharing program, so they are staked in the success of our leagues today and well into the future. 

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Kalani Brown, Essence Carson, Natasha Cloud, Laurin Mincy, DiJonai Carrington

Celebrating Diversity

We are lifting up the stories of BIPOC athletes in our leagues and creating more opportunities for younger BIPOC athletes to imagine themselves as professional athletes. We work actively to create an inclusive environment within our own organization and our Intersectional Equity Working Group (formerly Racial Equity Working Group) early in our existence reflects our ongoing commitment to reduce bias and increase equity across the entire business.


Kalani Brown, Essence Carson, Natasha Cloud, Laurin Mincy, DiJonai Carrington © Athletes Unlimited, LLC 2022 / Credit: Jade Hewitt Media
Gwen Svekis


We are focusing on the personal wellbeing of the athletes. We help the athletes develop skills that support their professional development off the field with programming that covers a variety of topics, including leadership, negotiation, financial literacy, nutrition and mental health counseling. Our policies put our values into action.


Gwen Svekis © Athletes Unlimited, LLC 2022 / Credit: Jade Hewitt Media
Volleyball players

Ownership & Governance

We are innovating in ownership and governance. Our commitment to including athlete perspectives is written into our by-laws – there will always be at least one athlete representative on the Board of Directors. We ask our investors to cap their profits and reinvest funds back into the athletes, our programs, and the public good, with an innovative capital structure we call “Mission Equity.

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Alyssa Parrela


We are driving engagement on and off the field. We encourage the athletes to support the causes they care most about, providing them with guidance and funding. We cultivate athletes’ leadership skills to serve as an engine for civic advancement in their communities. We celebrate and bring athletes to life through art with original portraits created by emerging artists. We partner with community organizations to create opportunities for budding athletes to  engage with the professional athletes of Athletes Unlimited. 


Alyssa Parrella © Athletes Unlimited, LLC 2022 / Credit: Kait Devir
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Amanda Johansen with Fans


We are bringing fans closer to the game. We are intentional in the stories we tell and where we tell them. We collaborate and co-create with athletes to tell their stories and believe more people in more places should have access to our content. We’re eliminating barriers to enjoying professional sports, no matter where you are. 


Amanda Johansen © Athletes Unlimited, LLC 2022 / Credit: Jenny Jeffries
Gwen Svekis,
Athletes Unlimited Catcher

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Athletes Unlimited Lacrosse 2022 Player Executive Committee: Meg Douty, Lindsey McKone, Mira Shane, Amber McKenzie and Sam Apuzzo

Player Executive Committees

Co-Founders Jon Patricof and Jonathan Soros with the Athletes Unlimited Softball Season 1 Top four players and Defensive Player of the Year.

The Creation of Athletes Unlimited

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