Danielle O'Toole pitching.

Who We Are

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Until now, elite athletes in underrepresented sports like women’s softball and volleyball did not have a sustainable way to play in the U.S. with less airtime, sponsorship, and compensation.

That’s why Athletes Unlimited is revolutionizing the traditional world of pro sports, where MVP athletes can compete in unprecedented ways, fans get closer to the game than ever before, and games are reinvented into action-packed moments you never anticipated.

For the first time, the best players in the world have the opportunity to take control of their careers. We’re offering equity in the league, so the profits go to the players.

In the stands

Because Athletes Unlimited has eliminated team owners, the best athletes in the world are now decision-makers and stakeholders in the leagues. That’s why our athletes are more than pro players. They are role models for the next generation of athletes.


Our pros will bring these leadership skills from the fields to the fans. By elevating underrepresented athletes and underserved fans, we’re creating new leaders for tomorrow.

Jessie Warren

On the Field

Get ready for six weeks of nonstop action in the same city, where the teams change weekly and every moment is an opportunity to win. The top four players become new captains each week and draft their teams from scratch for each week’s games.


The best parts of fantasy are now brought to life. In our new radical scoring system, every player can lose or win points during every game. Athletes score points as individuals and as a team to win MVP titles and cash bonuses.

© Athletes Unlimited, LLC 2020 / Credit: Jade Hewitt
Michelle Moultrie wearing a shirt representing her non-profit.

Off the Field

Athletes Unlimited is just getting started with women’s softball and volleyball — we plan to add new sports to our roster each year while partnering with current sports leagues. On our radar? Women’s ice hockey, lacrosse, basketball, soccer, and men’s volleyball.


Stay tuned to see how we reinvent the game to be more inclusive, fresh, and exciting for today’s fans.

© Athletes Unlimited, LLC 2020 / Credit: Jade Hewitt