The Book of Unlimited

© Athletes Unlimited, LLC 2022 / Credit: Jade Hewitt Media

The Book of Unlimited was designed, handmade and bound for Athletes Unlimited and serves as a record keeper of its women’s professional softball, volleyball, lacrosse, and basketball leagues.

The champion, along with all who competed in each season, is inscribed into the book. It is opened during the Opening Ceremonies and closed after the champion is named. The tradition began during the inaugural season of Athletes Unlimited Softball in 2020.

The book was handmade for Athletes Unlimited by Tikhon Verygyn in his studio in Kyiv, Ukraine. From cover to cover the book is hand-bound leather, with hand-tooled designs that are hand-painted and dyed. Inside is handmade paper, eco-friendly pages made in a Swedish mill that has been in operation since 1871.

The book weighs nearly 25 pounds, measures approximately 12 inches by 18 inches and contains nearly 500 pages.

Everything within the book is also hand-drawn and inscribed. Lindsey Hook is the first and central calligrapher for the Book of Unlimited. She inscribed the first athletes and champion recorded from Athletes Unlimited Softball’s inaugural season. She also designed the gold embellishments and illustrations within the book.

The “helping hand wreath” is a calligraphic embellishment created by Hook to abstractly represent the Athletes Unlimited family and their connection to one another: athletes, fans and the local community.

Book of Unlimited

The Book of Unlimited is the record keeper of Athletes Unlimited. The champions, along with all who competed in each season, is inscribed in the book.

Tykhon Kyiv

Tykhon Kyiv in his studio in the Ukraine with the Book of Unlimited. He is the leather craftsman who created the book and its bindings.

Beginning of tradition

The Book of Unlimited's tradition began at the inaugural Softball season in 2020.

Cat Osterman's Inscription

Cat Osterman was the first-ever champion inscribed in the book.

Hand calligraphy

All inscriptions within the book are completed by local calligraphers.

Book Binding

The Book of Unlimited standing at the inaugural Softball season. It has traditional hand-binding with clusters of pages.

Volleyball Inscription

Inscription of the 2021 Volleyball champion, Jordan Larson.

Helping Hand Wreath

The 'helping hand wreath' is a motif designed and hand-drawn by Lindsey Hook to represent the Athletes Unlimited community.

Travel to each season

The book travels to every season of Athletes Unlimited. Here it is featured at Lacrosse in Maryland.

Cover Details

Every detail within the book is handmade, include the cover details tooled by Tykhon Kyiv.

On the move

The Book of Unlimited at Basketball Season 1 in Las Vegas, NV.

Tianna Hawkins' Inscription

The first-ever Athletes Unlimited Basketball champion, Tianna Hawkins, was inscribed in the book at the closing ceremony in Las Vegas, NV.

Volleyball 2021 Final Leaderboard

Inscribed in the book by a calligrapher local to Dallas, TX is the final leaderboard of the inaugural Athletes Unlimited Volleyball Season.