Natasha Cloud


Season 2 coming in 2023.


We’re changing the game into can’t-miss-a-thing, action-packed moments you’ve never seen before.


Five weeks of nonstop action, where the teams change weekly and every play is an opportunity to win.

Athletes Unlimited is providing more opportunities for women to play professionally in the U.S. and also giving WNBA players the option to remain in the U.S. year-round.


Off the field, the athletes recruit fellow pros, create league rules, and retain equity in the league. On the field, the top four players become new captains each week and draft their teams from scratch for each week’s games.


The best parts of fantasy are now brought to life. In our new radical scoring system, every player can lose or win points during every game. Athletes score points as individuals and as a team to win MVP titles and cash bonuses. Each week, players and fans get a chance to vote for their MVP.


Every week, team captains draft new teams and compete to win big.

Headshot of Tianna Hawkins
Team Hawkins
Draft Athlete Position Week Pts
C Tianna Hawkins 1406
1 Kelsey Mitchell 1301
2 Sydney Colson 1138
3 Laurin Mincy 749
4 Drew Edelman 811
5 Air Hearn 941
6 Danni McCray 742
7 Marjorie Butler 587
8 Rebecca Harris 663
9 Takoia Larry 584
10 Tina Roy 560
Headshot of Natasha Cloud
Team Cloud
Draft Athlete Position Week Pts
C Natasha Cloud 1212
1 DiJonai Carrington 897
2 Jantel Lavender 872
3 Lauren Manis 637
4 MeMe Jackson 496
5 Imani McGee-Stafford 750
6 CC Andrews 408
7 Antoinette Bannister 476
8 Shannon McCallum 382
9 Antoinette Thompson 392
10 Grace Hunter 414
Headshot of Isabelle Harrison
Team Harrison
Draft Athlete Position Week Pts
C Isabelle Harrison 846
1 Courtney Williams 775
2 Odyssey Sims 1011
3 Nikki Greene 496
4 Ty Young 304
5 Kirby Burkholder 479
6 Briahanna Jackson 227
7 Kiki Harrigan 368
8 Brittany Carter 300
9 Chelsea Phillips 300
Headshot of Lexie Brown
Team Brown
Draft Athlete Position Week Pts
C Lexie Brown 1105
1 Kalani Brown 1430
2 Taj Cole 1028
3 Destinee Walker 631
4 Jessica Kuster 896
5 Dominique Wilson 704
6 Essence Carson 500
7 Akela Maize 664
8 Becca Wann-Taylor 500
9 Toccara Ross 474

Meet The Pros

MVPs, Olympic medalists, and world champions.

Coming Soon.

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Pro benefits, plus:

  • Virtual Post-Draft Meet and Greets
  • Invitations to virtual events, such as athlete Q&As
  • Access to exclusive NFTs
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  • Player-only item, such as a backpack or hat
  • Unlimited Pick: Signed Item***
  • *More details to come
  • **When available
  • ***Once per year, only for Captain members