Taj Cole dribbles past Odyssey Sims.


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Athletes Unlimited Basketball is a women’s professional basketball league in the United States. The league features 44 of the best women’s professional basketball players in the world.


2022: Tianna Hawkins

2023: NaLyssa Smith

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Shorter season. Higher stakes. More opportunity. Five weeks of nonstop action, where the teams change weekly and every play is an opportunity to win.

Athletes Unlimited Basketball is providing more opportunities for women to play professionally in the U.S. and also giving WNBA players the option to remain in the U.S. year-round.


Off the field, the athletes recruit fellow pros, create league rules, and retain equity in the league. On the field, the top four players become new captains each week and draft their teams from scratch for each week’s games.


In our new radical scoring system, every player can lose or win points during every game. Athletes score points as individuals and as a team to win MVP titles and cash bonuses. Each week, players and fans get a chance to vote for their MVP.


How We Play Basketball


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Every week, team captains draft new teams and compete to win big.

Headshot of Odyssey Sims

Team Sims

Draft Athlete Position Week Pts
C Odyssey Sims -
1 Kierstan Bell -
2 Sydney Colson -
3 Danni McCray -
4 Essence Carson -
5 Kristi Bellock -
6 Rebecca Harris -
7 N’dea Jones -
8 Destinee Walker -
9 Whitney Knight -
10 Suriya McGuire -
Headshot of NaLyssa Smith

Team Smith

Draft Athlete Position Week Pts
C NaLyssa Smith -
1 Jordin Canada -
2 Lexie Hull -
3 Air Hearn -
4 Crystal Bradford -
5 Courtney Williams -
6 Lydia Rivers -
7 CC Andrews -
8 MeMe Jackson -
9 Jenna Staiti -
10 Akela Maize -
Headshot of Naz Hillmon

Team Hillmon

Draft Athlete Position Week Pts
C Naz Hillmon -
1 Allisha Gray -
2 Natasha Cloud -
3 Jasmine Walker -
4 Lexie Brown -
5 Taj Cole -
6 Ty Young -
7 Caliya Robinson -
8 Jessica Kuster -
9 Hope Elam -
10 Karisma Penn -
Headshot of Isabelle Harrison

Team Harrison

Draft Athlete Position Week Pts
C Isabelle Harrison -
1 Kelsey Mitchell -
2 Layshia Clarendon -
3 Theresa Plaisance -
4 Evina Westbrook -
5 Veronica Burton -
6 Kirby Burkholder -
7 G'mrice Davis -
8 Antoinette Bannister -
9 Mya Hollingshed -
10 DiJonai Carrington -

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