Athletes Unlimited has partnered with Aspiration to reduce our carbon footprint.

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Athletes Unlimited is teaming up with Aspiration to make a wide-ranging commitment to reduce its carbon footprint and become the first U.S.-based carbon neutral professional sports leagues.

As the Official Social Impact Alternative Bank and Official Sustainability Consultant of Athletes Unlimited, Aspiration is helping Athletes Unlimited examine its carbon footprint and develop a plan to reduce its impact on the environment.

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Athletes Unlimited is committed to reaching carbon neutrality. For every ticket sold during Athletes Unlimited AUX Softball, Lacrosse and Softball seasons a small portion of the service fee will go to our sustainability partner, Aspiration, to fund high quality nature-based carbon credits that will help us reach this goal. Your contribution will be used to offset the CO2 emissions associated with the game you are attending.

Erin Fairs
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Aspiration is planting trees based on events throughout our games, such as three-pointers (basketball), aces (volleyball), runs (softball) and assists (lacrosse).

Trees committed: 12,830 in 2022

2022 Seasons

  • Basketball: 4,840 trees
  • Volleyball: 2,130 trees
  • AUX Softball: 1,790 trees
  • Lacrosse: 1,890 trees
  • Softball: 2,980 trees

Stay tuned for more information on how you can help support Athletes Unlimited and Aspiration!