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Meet our partners.

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Athletes Unlimited is proud to be working with our corporate partners. We are always at our best, working with partners to bring our leagues to life.

If you are interested in becoming a partner with Athletes Unlimited, please email us at [email protected]. Get to know some of our partners below.

Get to know some of our partners.


Gatorade has been a partner of Athletes Unlimited since the start of the 2021 season. As the official sports beverage of Athletes Unlimited, Gatorade provides all hydration, nourishment, energy, and electrolyte replacement products for our athletes.

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Geico signage in the outfield at Parkway Bank Sports Complex.


GEICO has been an Athletes Unlimited partner since its inaugural softball season in 2020. As the Official Home and Auto Insurance provider of Athletes Unlimited, GEICO was instrumental in Athletes Unlimited’s expansion into volleyball, lacrosse and basketball. GEICO powers the Athletes Unlimited Leaderboard, a unique scoring system that recognizes both team and individual play, while also sponsoring each league’s Defensive Player of the Year Award. Additionally, GEICO sponsors social and broadcast content related to defensive excellence and fan engagement.

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Athletes Unlimited is teaming up with Aspiration to make a wide-ranging commitment to reduce its carbon footprint and become the first U.S.-based carbon neutral professional sports leagues.

As the Official Social Impact Alternative Bank and Official Sustainability Consultant of Athletes Unlimited, Aspiration is helping Athletes Unlimited examine its carbon footprint and develop a plan to reduce its impact on the environment.

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Guaranteed Rate LED sign


Guaranteed Rate has supported Athletes Unlimited since its 2021 Volleyball season. As the Official Mortgage Company of Athletes Unlimited, Guaranteed Rate receives marketing and media assets, including a new broadcast feature for the 2022 volleyball season where fans are brought Into the Action with players mic’d up. Guaranteed Rate also produced a feature video on Athletes Unlimited softball player Courtney Gano as part of its Believe You Will Campaign from 2021.

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Baden is the Official Basketball of Athletes Unlimited Inaugural Basketball season. Along with providing basketballs and ball racks for the season, Baden is also launching the Baden Assist. For the Baden Assist, Baden will donate 100 basketballs to each of the top 4 athletes on the leaderboard and the Defensive Player of the Year. These athletes will be able to give basketballs to an organization of their choice.

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Mikasa is the Official Ball of Athletes Unlimited Volleyball. In addition to providing Athletes Unlimited with all volleyballs, carts and travel bags for the season, Mikasa also provided volleyballs for a youth volleyball clinic hosted in conjunction with Starlings Volleyball.

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Dick's Sporting Goods Signage


Dick’s Sporting Goods has teamed up with Athletes Unlimited Volleyball to amplify the experience of the athletes while in market, by providing them with the tools on and off the court to ensure they are positioned for success.

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Jazmyn Jackson


EY has partnered with Athletes Unlimited for the 2022 Basketball and Volleyball seasons. Athletes Unlimited is proud to collaborate with EY to introduce our annual civic leadership award. The 2021 Civic Leadership Award presented by EY will recognize one Athletes Unlimited athlete each year for their civic leadership efforts both during the season and in the off-season.

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Meet the Innovation Collective


Healium is the Supporting VR/AR Mental-Fitness Partner of Athletes Unlimited. Healium optimizes human performance through increased readiness, recovery, and sleep with an engaging, clinically validated mental fitness tool, powered by your body’s electricity. It utilizes real-time biometric data to train your brain so you can self-manage your anxiety, focus more intently, perform better during stressful situations and sleep better.


VKTRY is Supporting Performance Insole Partner of Athletes Unlimited. VKTRY Gear has developed the World’s First Carbon Fiber Performance Insoles. Proven to increase explosiveness, stability and shock absorption, VKTRY Insoles are the most researched and innovative insoles ever designed. Gaining its prominence as a secret weapon for athletes at the Combine, VKTRY has made its way into the cleats and sneakers of 400+ professional and Division I programs. There is no gear on the planet that can help an athlete improve their training and performance like VKTRY.


Clicktivated is the Supporting Interactive E-Commerce Partner of Athletes Unlimited. Clicktivated empowers viewers with the ability to directly click, tap or touch their favorite products, athletes, or other items inside video as they watch, creating a best-in-class immersive interactive video experience to capitalize on a fans inspiration.


TaskHuman is the Supporting Personal Coaching App Partner of Athletes Unlimited. TaskHuman – amplify your daily work and personal life.

Vizual Edge

Vizual Edge is the Supporting Vision Evaluation and Training Partner of Athletes Unlimited.  Winning is in Sight. Better Performance Starts With Better Visual Skills.


Fanoramas is the Supporting Fan Photography Partner of Athletes Unlimited Volleyball. Fanoramas is a fan-first company. They make every fan the hero of their own personal highlight reel capturing epic moments from the events they attend. The Fanoramas fan photography platform takes pictures of everyone at the game, simultaneously, sending that content directly to fans in real-time. This is in-the-moment content that people want but can’t get today. It’s authentic and captures the magic of the fan experience.

Yoga Athletex

Founded by former athletes Patricia Bomar and Kalynn Evans in 2013, Yoga Athletex is helping transform the way athletes train. The company’s on-demand platform, YAX Online, features 200+ videos of recovery methods such as yoga, breathwork, mediation, SMR, and more – all designed to improve performance, decrease injury, and increase playing time. Sign up to try it out free for 7 days. Just select your sport, choose the athletic season, and hit play!

Blue Sky CBD

At Blue Sky CBD they know that not all CBD is equal. Their products combine purity and potency to formulate and manufacture world class products for healthier communities. Blue Sky CBD is helping athletes across the nation prepare and recover for workouts, games, or whatever else comes along. Each of their products contains high concentrations of CBD for maximum impact, and they offer some of the lowest cost per mg CBD on the market. With no THC anyone can enjoy the potential benefits of CBD.


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