Softball Season 4: Movers of Week 3

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Savanna Collins
Aug 16, 2023

Week 4 of Athletes Unlimited Softball was dominated by Odicci Alexander and her 3-0 team who not only swept the games by won 19 out of 21 of their innings.

This shot members of the purple team up the leaderboard and gave up some of the most significant movers of the week.

Mover of the Week: Danielle Gibson

Danielle Gibson is the mover of Week 3 after rising 30 spots on the leaderboard. She now sits fifth after winning 340 points in innings and games with Team Alexander plus raking in stat and MVP points.

Gibson was 6-for-10 in three games with a walk, three singles, a double and two home runs, earning 138 total stat points (3rd best).

Tack on her 100 MVP points and she was sure to make the most significant leap of any athlete in Week 3. She’s been consistent throughout the season with a .423 batting average and just one strikeout but the two +40 home runs really pushed Gibson up in the rankings. They were her first two bombs of the year. 

Other significant movers from Week 3 are Aliyah Andrews who jumped 22 spots up to No. 11 overall and Madi Huskey who moved up by 20.

Winning early and often: Odicci Alexander

Odicci Alexander‘s rise to No. 1 on the leaderboard is marked not only by leading her first team as a captain to 3-0 but also by her propensity for winning in all three weeks so far in 2023.

Alexander has 900 total win points – more than any other athlete in the league – accomplished by eight games wins and 50 innings. She’s been drafted to and now created the winningest team each week.

This has trickled into Alexander’s other categories like MVP. She leads the league in this point category too; she’s been voted MVP 1 three times and MVP 3 once.

What will be key for Alexander to remain at the top is her stat points. Win points can be finicky but if she can continue to have good outings and keep her ERA low, she’s looking at taking home hardware at the season’s conclusion.

Top Stat Point Earner: Rachel Garcia

Pitcher Rachel Garcia continues to be one of the top stat points earner week after week. In Weeks 1 and 3, she earned the most of any athlete and it is her most lucrative way to pick up points this season. What Garcia is missing are points from innings and games – she’s pitching well but has only 340 win points total – one of the lowest point earnings in the league. A week with a successful team could push her back into being a captain.

Player to Watch: Mariah Mazon

If you’re making picks in the AU Fantasy Pick ‘Em keep an eye on Mariah Mazon.

She’s the only pitcher with a 4-0 record and she’s rocking with an 0.79 ERA. In five appearances she’s thrown 17 innings and collected eight strikeouts. Her performance on Sunday night throwing for 5 and ⅓ innings was her longest outing yet and hitters couldn’t touch her – she held batters to a .118 average that game. 

Tune in

Week Four begins on Friday, August 18 with two first-time captains facing off in Team Urtez vs. Team Nickles. Tune in at 4:30 p.m. ET on ESPN+.


Savanna Collins is the Digital Media Reporter at Athletes Unlimited. You can follow her on Twitter @savannaecollins.

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