Kat Sandercock pitching

Kat the Closer: Excelling in relief from FSU to AU Softball

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6 Newcomers to Know in AU Volleyball

09/26/23, BY Savanna Collins


4 Things to know for the Volleyball Fantasy Pick 'Em

09/22/23, BY Savanna Collins

Innovation Collective Summit Program

Take a look at the 2023 Athletes Unlimited Innovation Collective Summit

09/21/23, BY Alexandra Licata


Sierra Romero inducted into Michigan Sports Hall of Fame

09/21/23, BY Savanna Collins

Charlotte North, Kayla Wood

18 Athletes Unlimited Lacrosse players named to 2024 U.S. Women's Box Training Team

09/20/23, BY Alexandra Licata


Kat the Closer: Excelling in relief from FSU to AU Softball

09/20/23, BY Savanna Collins


Pick'Em Right: The Volleyball Scoring System

09/18/23, BY Savanna Collins

AUX Softball, Softball

How Mia Davidson Broke Out as a Starting Catcher in 2023

09/13/23, BY Savanna Collins

Odicci Alexander

Odicci Alexander crowned 2023 Athletes Unlimited Softball Champion

08/27/23, BY Savanna Collins


Recap: Team Denham secures 6-1 win over Team Flippen to end week 3-0

08/27/23, BY Eric Rhew

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