Sam Apuzzo

Lacrosse makes updates to scoring system ahead of Season 3

© Athletes Unlimited, LLC 2022 / Credit: Kait Devir
Sam Apuzzo and Caroline Wakefield

How Athletes Unlimited is innovating Lacrosse

07/31/21, BY Alyssia Graves

Amanda Peterson jumps for the ball.

A Q&A with the Athletes Unlimited Data & Scoring Team

02/22/21, BY Chris McGown, Joe Trinsey, John Spade, Soham Mahabaleshwarkar, Mia Farinelli

Kristen Tupac gets set for the ball.

How Kristen Tupac played a pivotal role in shaping the Athletes Unlimited Volleyball scoring system

02/16/21, BY Courtney Huck

Karsta Lowe

Athletes Unlimited Volleyball Scoring: The Simulations

02/08/21, BY Soham Mahabaleshwarkar


Athletes Unlimited Volleyball: Balancing team, individual and MVP points

02/02/21, BY Mia Farinelli

Sareea Freeman.

Athletes Unlimited Volleyball: Creating the final scoring system

01/25/21, BY Chris McGown & Joe Trinsey

Sherridan Atkinson

Athletes Unlimited Volleyball scoring system: The foundation

01/15/21, BY Chris McGown & Joe Trinsey

Molly McCage dives for the ball.

How Athletes Unlimited Volleyball decided on a fixed three-set format

01/11/21, BY Mia Farinelli

Taylor Edwards at bat.

Every moment counts in the final week of Athletes Unlimited Softball's inaugural season

09/24/20, BY Anders Jorstad

Gwen Svekis and Cat Osterman

As Week 4 approaches, some players have a value that can't be measured

09/17/20, BY Anders Jorstad

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