Lacrosse ball, softball, basketball, and volleyball


Athletes Unlimited is a new model of pro sports where athletes are decision-makers and majority stakeholders, and individual players compete to become champions of team sports. We started with Softball in August 2020, added Volleyball and Lacrosse  in 2021, and Basketball made its debut in 2022.

Learn more about each sport below.


We started things off with our inaugural softball season at Parkway Bank Sports Complex in Rosemont, Illinois in August 2020. Pitcher Cat Osterman was crowned our first champion. Since then, Aleshia Ocasio and Dejah Mulipola have joined the ranks as champions.


Softball also expanded to include AUX, an additional opportunity for players to compete. Danielle O’Toole was the first ever AUX Softball champion over the summer in San Diego, CA.

We’ll be returning to Rosemont in 2023 for our fourth season!

How We Play: Softball


Athletes Unlimited Volleyball launched in Dallas, Texas with the inaugural season in 2021.

Jordan Larson and Bethania de la Cruz both recorded fantastic season and reign as the two Volleyball champions so far.

There’s big news ahead for Volleyball’s next location and expansion. Stay tuned!

How We Play: Volleyball


In July 2021, Athletes Unlimited Lacrosse took the helm as the only women’s professional lacrosse league in the United States.

A midfielder, Taylor Cummings and goalie, Taylor Moreno, have finished the season at the top of the leaderboard and concluded as champions. Lacrosse calls William G. Tierney Field at the Hall of Fame in Sparks, MD home.

How We Play: Lacrosse


Athletes Unlimited Basketball is our fourth sport and debuted in 2022.

It provided WNBA players the opportunity to compete state-side during the winter an expanded opportunity for women’s pro basketball overall.  Tianna Hawkins was a standout in the inaugural season and secured herself as the first AUHoops champion.

Basketball is on the move for 2023 and will now be in Dallas, TX!

How we play: Basketball