AU Pro Basketball Q&A: Laeticia Amihere

Savanna Collins
Jan 17, 2024

Get to know 2024 Athletes Unlimited Pro Basketball athlete Laeticia Amihere.

Amihere is a forward from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada who was drafted 8th overall by the Atlanta Dream in the 2023 WNBA Draft. She is an NCAA Champion with the University of South Carolina and a 2020 Olympian for Team Canada.

1. What made you want to play with AU Hoops?

I was excited to join AU because it simply is one of a kind. I focused this off-season on my personal development as well as commitments with my national team and this allows me to stay in the country and be able to get some game reps before the season.

2. What is the biggest impact that being a Gamecock has had on you as a person and player?

Being a gamecock was easily the best decision I’ve made. From the people that have impacted me, not only the coaches but the entire support staff from Molly (Binetti), Craig (Oates), Dr. (Jeffrey) Guy, Amy (Knogge) … These are people who genuinely care for you and make sure you are equipped to your fullest potential.

3. How were you involved in community service/giving back at South Carolina?

I’ve always been heavily involved with community service dating from my early childhood. My parents and my aunt were heavily involved in the community. Once I got to South Carolina I knew that it was just another community that I wanted to impact beyond the court. Coach (Dawn) Staley actually volunteered me into the student-athlete leadership council for the SEC my freshman year and things evolved from there. I became the head of diversity and inclusion for student-athletes and organized many events such as food drives, community outreach, zoom discussions and assemblies around the injustices. I was also on many boards from the SEC to the NCAA aiming to make a change.

4. How did you get involved with Afro Ballers and what inspired you to want to organize basketball camps across Ghana?

My Godmother who recently passed and my mother have always made it important for me to understand my roots. They hosted many events and community outreach events. Their efforts sparked my interest in creating my nonprofit called Back to the Motherland. Since its inception in 2021, I’ve hosted various camps in Toronto and Ivory Coast aimed for the underserved as well as underrepresented communities. As an attempt to bridge the equity gap. I was once the product of such generosity and it became a debt to repay to the sport. My father being from Ghana, I felt especially connected and inspired to go back home and organize a tournament there to allow them to have opportunities they otherwise wouldn’t have.

5. What aspect of your game do you take the most pride in?

I take the most pride in my grittiness. I will always be one that works extremely hard and takes assignments personally. I’m aggressive on both offense and defense.

6. The Athlete Causes program is an important part of each Athletes Unlimited season. What causes are you passionate about?

Two things that I’m extremely passionate about are my nonprofit Back to the Motherland and the Cancer Foundation. My godmother, who battled her 7th final cancer (diagnosis), was my biggest motivation. She recently passed this year and I have always been very vocal about cancer research.

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