Q&A with AU Pro Basketball signee Tiffany Mitchell

Savanna Collins
Jan 10, 2024

Get to know Athletes Unlimited Pro Basketball Season 3 signee Tiffany Mitchell.

Mitchell is a guard from Charlotte, N.C. who plays for the Minnesota Lynx in the WNBA. She graduated from the University of South Carolina and before the Lynx, played seven seasons with the Indiana Fever.

1. What made you want to play with AU Hoops?

I decided to play in AU this season as a way to take a break from going overseas and playing a full season abroad. My body needed a reset as well as my mind; I recently moved to Dallas as well this year so I felt it was the perfect opportunity to play competitive basketball going into the W season.

2. What aspect of your game has developed the most since becoming a pro?

Since becoming a pro the aspect of my game that has improved would probably be my decision making. When I was younger, I only thought one way on the court. As you get older you have to think more as the game evolves which requires you to make better decisions.

3. What is the biggest impact that being a Gamecock has had on you as a person and player?

Being a Gamecock has had a huge impact on my life and career. Being a part of the family coach Dawn Staley built is everything to me. I’ve been supported since I stepped foot on campus all the way up until now. I’ve learned and experienced so much just from graduating from South Carolina. Once you leave there you gain a support system forever.

4. You share a lot of your workouts and fitness on your Instagram. What has had the biggest impact on your training?

I share a lot of fitness content on my Instagram because I have my own business as a personal trainer and fitness coach. Fitness has been important to me since I was younger and being able to take care of your body goes a long way being that W players play year-round. The biggest impact on my training was just realizing what my body needed to perform: rather than lifting before games, what I’m eating, how much I’m sleeping — I think learning that throughout my career has gone a long way for me. And now I have the opportunity to teach and coach others.

5. What’s the biggest difference you saw in your game on the court when you invested more time in lifting/training in the gym?

The biggest difference I’ve seen in my game when I poured into lifting and training was of course physical. My body felt a lot better, and my ability to sustain and stamina increased when I was just physically more fit than who I was playing against. For me, mentally I felt a change as well. The weight room to me is my happy place and of course, the grind of playing can take a toll on you mentally and physically and I could always go to the weight room as a sort of a reset for my mind and body.

6. If you’ve already selected one, tell us about your cause.

I haven’t chosen a cause just yet, but I am passionate about helping children, as well as single-family homes and have a foundation that supports this cause called SPIN Haven (single parents in need). Also, I love animals.

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