Dani Drews jumps for the kill.

Volleyball to host College Draft on March 20

Draftees will be invited to compete in the 2023 Championship season, to be held in October

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Athletes Unlimited
Mar 12, 2023

Athletes Unlimited Volleyball will host a college draft on Monday, March 20.

The Athletes Unlimited Volleyball College Draft will begin at 8 p.m. ET, live from Dallas and broadcast exclusively on the Athletes Unlimited YouTube channel.

The 2021 Draft Class featured No. 3 finisher Dani Drews and Lauren Stivrins, whose season was cut short due to injury.

The announcement is the first of three coming this week for the 2023 Championship Season and Exhibition Tour.

The draftees will be invited to join signed returners Morgan Hentz, Erin Fairs, Amanda BensonAlisha ChildressAli Bastianelli, Molly McCageDeja McClendonand Taylor Bruns Tegenrot for the 2023 Championship Season.

All eight athletes will participate in the Athletes Unlimited Volleyball Exhibition Tour, which begins on March 25 at Ohio State University and runs through April 21.

Like its other leagues, Athletes Unlimited Volleyball’s championship season will feature a range of scoring innovations to bring athletes and fans a unique and intense version of the sport. Individual athletes earn points based on both team wins and individual performance and become the champions in team sports. Points are earned on every play and the leaderboard will change constantly. 

In addition, teams change each week, with the top four athletes in the standings serving as captains and drafting their teams. At the end of the five-week season, the player with the most points is crowned as individual champion.

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