2021 Civic Leadership Award

Finalists announced for 2022 Civic Leadership Award, presented by EY

2021 Civic Leadership Award. © Athletes Unlimited, LLC 2023 / Credit: Jade Hewitt Media
Alexandra Licata
Mar 01, 2023

Athletes Unlimited’s civic leadership mission is to develop its athletes as civic leaders and elevate them as role models for the next generation of athletes and fans. The Civic Leadership Award, presented by EY, recognizes an athlete each year for their civic leadership efforts both during the season and in the off-season.

Any Athletes Unlimited athlete playing in a 2022 season who has demonstrated civic leadership both in season and in their off-season is eligible for this award. ​​The athletes are nominated by themselves or their peers, and these nominations speak to the depth of civic leadership activities they are involved in both outside and within Athletes Unlimited programs.

These civic leadership activities could include the athlete’s involvement in Athlete Causes, volunteerism, community service, fundraising, voter engagement, raising awareness, advocacy, and more.

The 2022 finalists include: Cassidy Lichtman (Volleyball), Gwen Svekis (Softball), Haylie McCleney (Softball), Mira Shane (Lacrosse), and Molly McCage (Volleyball).

“When you participate in civic leadership your world opens up allowing you to have tough conversations, recognize accessibility issues, bridge gaps between races, genders, orientations and build cultures that accept over dismiss,” Shane. “I think by treating civic leadership as a part of my daily routine within the interactions I have with folks has allowed me to grow the relationships in my life.”

The recipient of the 2022 Civic Leadership Award will be selected by a voting committee, comprised of: Andrea Hailey (Vote.org CEO), Prof. Lisa Kay Solomon (All Vote, No Play), Sarah Francis (EY), Angela Ruggiero (Sports Innovation Lab; Athletes Unlimited Advisory Board Member), and Natasha Watley (Natasha Watley Foundation).

The winner will be announced on March 15.

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