Tori Dixon

Saturday & Sunday's Scrimmage Rosters

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Athletes Unlimited
Feb 19, 2021

The four captains for the first two days of scrimmages – Aury Cruz (Gold), Erica Handley (Orange), Molly McCage (Blue), and Taylor Morgan (Purple) – selected their rosters on Friday evening.

Here are their selected teams.

Team Cruz

  • Aury Cruz
  • Valerie Nichol
  • Willow Johnson
  • Taylor Sandbothe
  • Tiffany Clark
  • Molly Lohman
  • Taylor Bruns
  • Lianna Sybeldon
  • Sheilla Castro
  • Erica Wilson

Team Handley

  • Erica Handley
  • Jordan Larson
  • Leah Edmond
  • Lauren Gibbemeyer
  • Cori Crocker
  • Ebony Nwanebu
  • Holly Toliver
  • Kaylee Manns
  • Sherridan Atkinson
  • Tori Dixon
  • Kristen Tupac

Team McCage

  • Molly McCage
  • Cassidy Lichtman
  • Karsta Lowe
  • Odina Aliyeva
  • Nomaris Vélez Agosto
  • Kelly Hunter
  • Ciara Michel
  • Deja Mcclendon
  • Nia Grant
  • Sareea Freeman
  • Amanda Peterson

Team Morgan

  • Taylor Morgan
  • Bethania De La Cruz
  • Brie King
  • Katie Carter
  • Ali Bastianelli
  • Symone Abbott
  • Dalianliz Rosado
  • Samantha Seliger-Swenson
  • Alex Holston
  • Erin Fairs

The teams will take the court on Saturday and Sunday to determine the captains for Monday’s scrimmage matches, which will be streamed on Facebook and Twitch beginning at 3 p.m. ET/2 p.m. CT.


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