Tori Vidales

Meet the Week 2 Teams of Athletes Unlimited Softball Season 2

Tori Vidales © Athletes Unlimited, LLC 2021 / Credit: Jade Hewitt
Alexandra Licata
Aug 31, 2021

After an exciting first weekend of competition, which included the first no-hitter in Athletes Unlimited Softball history and a walk-off victory, it was time for the Week 2 captains to select their teams.

The Week 2 Draft featured three first-time captains – Sahvanna Jaquish, Tori Vidales and Lilli Piper – and all four captains came from Team Osterman. Jaquish (Gold) climbed to the top of the leaderboard with 498 points. Only eight points behind, Cat Osterman took the No. 2 spot (Orange) on the leaderboard. Tori Vidales (Blue) and Lilli Piper (Purple) round out the Week 2 captains, tallying 468 and 438 points, respectively.

Meet the teams for Week 1 of Athletes Unlimited Softball Season 2.

Team Jaquish

  • Sahvanna Jaquish, Catcher
  • Odicci Alexander, Right-Handed Pitcher
  • Sara Groenewegen, Right-Handed Pitcher
  • Amanda Lorenz, Outfielder
  • Dejah Mulipola, Catcher
  • Sydney Romero, Middle Infielder
  • Megan Wiggins, Outfielder
  • Samantha Show, Right-Handed Pitcher
  • Shelby Pendley, Middle Infielder
  • Morgan Howe, Outfielder
  • Riley Sartain-Vaughan, Corner Infielder
  • Amber Fiser, Right-Handed Pitcher
  • Sam Fischer, Corner Infielder
  • Katiyana Mauga, Corner Infielder
  • Abby Ramirez, Middle Infielder

Team Osterman

  • Cat Osterman, Left-Handed Pitcher
  • Amanda Chidester, Corner Infielder
  • Aliyah Andrews, Outfielder
  • Carrie Eberle, Right-Handed Pitcher
  • Jessi Warren, Corner Infielder
  • Anissa Urtez, Middle Infielder
  • Janie Reed, Outfielder
  • Randi Rupp, Right-Handed Pitcher
  • Morgan Zerkle, Outfielder
  • Taylor Edwards, Catcher
  • Kelsey Stewart, Corner Infielder
  • Jessie Harper, Outfielder
  • Gina Snyder, Right-Handed Pitcher
  • Sami Williams, Middle Infielder
  • Jordan Roberts, Catcher

Team Vidales

  • Tori Vidales, Corner Infielder
  • Haylie McCleney, Outfielder
  • Haylie Wagner, Left-Handed Pitcher
  • Hannah Flippen, Middle Infielder
  • Vic Hayward, Outfielder
  • Danielle O’Toole, Left-Handed Pitcher
  • Erika Piancastelli, Catcher
  • Taran Alvelo, Right-Handed Pitcher
  • Sis Bates, Middle Infielder
  • Britt Vonk, Middle Infielder
  • Alyssa Denham, Right-Handed Pitcher
  • Aubree Munro, Catcher
  • Michelle Moultrie, Outfielder
  • Nadia Taylor, Corner Infielder
  • Courtney Gano, Corner Infielder

Team Piper

  • Lilli Piper, Corner Infielder
  • Aleshia Ocasio, Right-Handed Pitcher
  • Gwen Svekis, Catcher
  • Taylor McQuillin, Left-Handed Pitcher
  • Kelsey Harshman, Right-Handed Pitcher
  • Ali Aguilar, Middle Infielder
  • Caleigh Clifton, Middle Infielder
  • Jazmyn Jackson, Outfielder
  • Jessica Burroughs, Right-Handed Pitcher
  • DJ Sanders, Corner Infielder
  • Amanda Sanchez, Corner Infielder
  • Sashel Palacios, Catcher
  • Kayla Wedl, Outfielder
  • Ciara Bryan, Outfielder
  • Nicole Newman, Right-Handed Pitcher

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