#91 Opposite

Saskia Hippe


Playing for The Virago Project (opens in new tab)

Personal: Hippe's connection with volleyball goes back to her early years, having started playing the sport at the young age of nine. Off the court, she shares her life with a loyal companion, a cavalier King Charles spaniel named Bernie, who undoubtedly brings joy to her days. Throughout her volleyball career, Hippe has been influenced and inspired by dedicated coaches. She credits Alberto Salomoni and Giovanni Guidetti as individuals who have made a significant difference in her life, shaping her skills and passion for the game. Beyond the volleyball arena, Hippe enjoys a range of hobbies, including leisurely walks with her dog and spending quality time with friends. Her linguistic abilities are impressive, as she can communicate fluently in several languages, including German, Italian, and Greek, reflecting her diverse experiences and connections through her international career. Her choice of wearing the jersey number 91 holds a special meaning, as it represents the year of her birth, further highlighting the personal connection she brings to her volleyball journey. Saskia Hippe's dedication, versatility, and international experience make her a notable figure in the world of volleyball.

Height 6' 1"
Hometown Berlin, Germany
Pronouns She/Her

Career Stats

Sets Played
Service Aces


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