Basketball Season 3: Movers of Week 2

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Savanna Collins
Mar 12, 2024

While the top four remain identical for Athletes Unlimited Pro Basketball heading into Week Three, there were major moves made by athletes beyond the top spots on the leaderboard.

Four well-balanced teams resulted in each squad taking a loss in Week Two. Team Gray and Team Cloud finished with a 2-1 record and won seven out of eight quarters. Team Sims and Team Mitchell went 1-2 on the week.

Take a deep dive into the leaderboard standings and who has made crucial moves at the halfway point of the season.

Mover of the Week: Lexie Brown

Lexie Brown is the Mover of Week Two, jumping 15 spots up the leaderboard with career-high performances. Brown logged 20 or more points in all three games, with a career-best 27 points on Saturday night. She was also voted MVP 1 for +90 points in two of  three games.

Brown was incredibly efficient in her shooting which means that as she accumulated stat points from shots made, she cut down on points lost from misses. She shot 44% from the floor this week, 43% from three, and out of 24 trips to the free throw line, she sank every shot but two.

Brown moved from 21st to 6th overall on the leaderboard.

Win points remain equal

While the 3-0 Team Gray squad from Week One might start to feel like a fond but distant memory heading into Week Three, the effects of that roster and sweeping the week of games are still being felt.

Allisha Gray, Natasha Cloud, and Tiffany Mitchell cashed in on win points that week. Those three being top performers and becoming captains who drafted well in Week Two means that win points have not created much separation on the leaderboard.

In fact, Gray and Cloud both lead the league in total win points this season tied at 1,800. Mitchell is close behind with 1,440 win points. As the season progresses, stat points and MVP points could end up being the biggest factor in determining the champion and medalists for 2024.

Allisha Gray’s MVP Streak

The category to keep a close eye on as it impacts the top four are MVP points, in particular how night after night, Gray continues to be voted in by her peers to earn these game honors. She has been voted an MVP in five out of six games this season and leads the point category with 420 points.

Second in MVP points is Mitchell with 330 points, followed by Cloud with 240 points.

Gray is now in a category of her own – her ten consecutive MVP honors (which date back to the 2023 season) is the longest streak by a player in any Athletes Unlimited sport.

Overall top point earner

Not only has Gray been the MVP this season, but she should be the MVP of your fantasy lineup.

For the second consecutive week, Gray was the overall top point earner in the league. As you draft your starting lineup, Gray should be a shoe-in for one of the spots amongst the five players.

Fans can still register to play for free now at Compete with friends and fans to earn points every week for weekly & season prizes.

Tune In

Tune in on Thursday, March 14 at 6 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. CT on the ESPN+ as Week Three begins with Team Mitchell vs. Team Cloud. Then, Team Gray and Team Sims will match up at 9 p.m. ET / 8 p.m. CT.


Savanna Collins is the Senior Reporter at Athletes Unlimited. You can follow her on Twitter @savannaecollins.

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