The Top 5 Aliyah Andrews plays

Aliyah Andrews © Athletes Unlimited, LLC 2021 / Credit: Jenny Jeffries
Ellie Kinney
Aug 24, 2021

The rookie class for Season 2 of Athletes Unlimited Softball is bursting with talent all over the field, but outfielder Aliyah Andrews is a one-of-a-kind playmaker who will undoubtedly light up the highlight reels for Athletes Unlimited. A regular fixture of SportCenter Top Ten, Andrews earned the nickname “Air Aliyah” for her flashy diving catches in the outfield during her collegiate career at Louisiana State University (LSU).

Her older sister A.J. played for Athletes Unlimited in Season 1, accumulating 1,030 points through the inaugural season. Both sisters were known for their speed and agility in the outfield at LSU, and now Aliyah will have the chance to make plays on the biggest stage like A.J. did a year ago.

Andrews will make her professional debut this weekend, but in the meantime, here are the Top 5 Plays from her LSU career:

Her signature lay-out diving catch

During her time at LSU, it seemed almost automatic that Andrews would make an exceptional catch in the outfield. Her speed, intuition and hand-eye coordination are unmatched, which resulted in too many diving catches to count throughout her career.

An inside-the-park home run

Andrews doesn’t just fly in the air – she can fly on the base paths too! In this inside-the-park home run against Southern Mississippi, she rounded the bases in under 11.7 seconds 👀

A leaping catch at the wall

When Andrews isn’t laying out for the ball, she’s going 🆙 to get it!

A beautifully placed bunt to move the baserunners along

When Andrews puts a bunt down that perfectly, you might as well just sit down.

A full send around the bases to score

Andrews certainly doesn’t lack confidence on the bases, even if it means running through a stop sign. Was there ever a doubt that she was going to score?

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