Pick'Em Right: How the Softball Scoring System Affects AU Fantasy

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Savanna Collins
May 23, 2023

Up the stakes for Athletes Unlimited Softball this summer by participating in the league’s Pick’Em fantasy game.

Play for free and compete with friends and fans of the league by picking the four softball players each week who earn the most points in the 2023 AUX and Championship seasons. Each week, you’ll select the athletes you think will climb to the top of the leaderboard on a weekly basis.

As with all things AU, understanding the scoring system is crucial in creating your four-player fantasy roster each week.

Here is how the three different point categories can impact winning the fantasy weekly and season leaderboard.

Win Points > everything else

Before you predict what four athletes will earn the most points in the week you first need to examine which team you think will win the most innings and games.

The quickest way to the top of the leaderboard is through win points. In every series of the 2022 AUX season, the Top 10 on the leaderboard was dominated by the two winningest teams that series (with the exception of Courtney Gano in the final series).

Win points make up 70-80% of a player’s score on average (the number varies a bit by sport). This means that before you select your favorites to have a great week on the field, examine the team that you think will dominate first.

Each inning is worth +10 while game wins are valued at +50 points. If an inning is tied, the points roll over to the subsequent inning.

Think about each team’s pitching staff, the strength of the batting lineup, and the chemistry they might develop in practice. Once you make a prediction of what team will command the series, then it’s time to dig into the roster.

Who’s hot?

Stat points make up 20-25% of a player’s score. Their individual contributions matter, but winning is still more important. 

In AU Softball history, we’ve seen pitchers finish as champions and as medalists more often than any other position. As you select your four-player roster each week, it’s wise to have at least one hurler in the group because of their propensity for racking up points.

Athletes with a hot bat are bound to take over stat points as well. During 2022’s Championship season, Dejah Mulipola was the highest stat point earner with 632 total (35% of her season total) and absolutely crushed it at the plate all season. She had the best batting average, on-base percentage, slugging percentage, and hit the most home runs.

Keeping an eye on who is in their wheelhouse throughout the season can up your chances of winning the Week/Series Leaderboard.

The real MVP = the real winners

The bottom line is, athletes cannot become an AU Champion or even medal without MVP points.

Cat Osterman, Aleshia Ocasio, Jordan Larson, Bethania de la Cruz, and Tianna Hawkins all have something in common. Not only are they AU Champions, but they also were first place in MVP points during their championship seasons. Every other champ (Mulipola, Taylor Cummings, Taylor Moreno, and NaLyssa Smith) was in the top three for MVP points of their winning seasons.

MVP points are often given to the players with standout performances. Not only that, but it’s often the athletes who were clutch: for example, hitting the game-winning RBI or throwing relief to win the game.

After each game, the players and members of the Unlimited Club will vote for three players MVPs. They are awarded as follows:

MVP 1: +60 points
MVP 2: +40 points
MVP 3: +20 points

The scoring system in action

Let’s examine the final leaderboard from the 2022 AUX season.

Danielle O’Toole was crowned champion, followed by Rachel Garcia and Mulipola as medalists.

O’Toole’s 1,436-point championship run was balanced between all three categories.

Win points: 68.94 % of leaderboard total

  • O’Toole was the fourth-winningest player of AUX and was only separated by the highest win point earner (Amanda Chidester) by just 30 points
  • Everyone who finished above her in the category did not have the stat and MVP points to battle her for the top spot.
  • This was the most impactful category for O’Toole because even though other athletes won more than her, she had the stat points and MVP points to back it up

MVP Points: 12.53% of leaderboard total

  • The three medalists reigned supreme in MVP points. Garcia earned the most with a whopping 320 while Mulipola had 240 and O’Toole 180.
  • In fact, the Top 5 on the leaderboard were also the highest MVP point earners

Stat points: 18.52% of leaderboard total

  • This may come as a shock, but O’Toole was the ninth-highest stat point earner of AUX.
  • This category was the equalizer between O’Toole (266), Garcia (282) and Mulipola (298). Garcia and Mulipola both earned more stat points than O’Toole but it wasn’t by a wide enough margin to make up for her lead in win points and close contention in MVP points.

Overall, balance is key to making your picks. Just like the athletes vying for a medal, predicting who can pick up points in all three categories is the way to win AU Fantasy.

When playing AU Fantasy, you have the opportunity to win three ways:

  1. Season Leaderboard: accumulate the most points for the season and tiebreaker
  2. Week/Series Leaderboard: accumulate the most points for the week/series AND win the tiebreaker (leaderboard points)
  3. Pick’Em Prediction: predict the top 4 players

Register to play for free now at auprosports.com/fantasy. Season 2 of AUX begins on June 12.


Savanna Collins is the Digital Media Reporter at Athletes Unlimited. You can follow her on Twitter @savannaecollins.

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