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Meet the 2023 Lacrosse Week 4 Teams

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Alexandra Licata
Aug 07, 2023

On Sunday, the 2023 Athletes Unlimited Lacrosse Champion will be crowned. 

But, before we get there, the four captains from Week Three returned to draft the rosters they hope will give them the best chance of earning the title.

Despite going 1-2, Taylor Moreno (1,301 points) held the No. 1 spot on the leaderboard aided by 14 saves in a strong effort to close Week Three with a 9-6 victory against Team Apuzzo. Moreno made 31 stops across three games.

Apuzzo (1,241 points) scored six goals in the first two games of the week, but was held scoreless in the week’s final matchup against Team Moreno. She picked up 350 points in Week Three, including 60 from MVP honors. Heading into Week Four, she trails Moreno by 60 points.

Rounding out the final two spots in the Top 4 are returning captains Abby Bosco (1,041 points) and Kady Glynn (1,035 points). Bosco led her team to a 2-1 record this week picking up 250 win points and MVP 2 honors. Glynn went 1-2 on the week and made 21 saves. 

Meet the Week Four Teams of Athletes Unlimited Lacrosse Season 3.

Editor’s Note: Due to a technical error which impacted our scoring on Aug. 6, the points between the third and fourth place captains were incorrectly allocated. As a result, the Lacrosse Player Executive Committee elected to redraft new teams for Week 4. The updated order of captains is Taylor Moreno (Gold), Sam Apuzzo (Orange), Abby Bosco (Blue), and Kady Glynn (Purple). The teams below reflect the newly drafted teams for Week Four.


Facilitator: Crysti Foote

  • Taylor Moreno, Goalkeeper
  • Marie McCool, Midfielder
  • Ally Kennedy, Midfielder
  • Kylie Ohlmiller, Attacker
  • Caroline Wakefield, Defender
  • Andie Aldave, Attacker
  • Emma Trenchard, Defender
  • Hannah Dorney, Midfielder
  • Izzy McMahon, Attacker
  • Ella Simkins, Defender
  • Marge Donovan, Defender
  • Mira Shane, Goalkeeper
  • TT Naslonski, Attacker
  • Brianne Gross, Midfielder


Facilitator: Catherine Conway

  • Sam Apuzzo, Attacker
  • Dempsey Arsenault, Midfielder
  • Ally Mastroianni, Midfielder
  • Lauren Gilbert, Attacker
  • Lizzie Colson, Defender
  • Amy Moreau, Midfielder
  • Meg Douty, Defender
  • Taylor VanThof, Attacker
  • Kayla Wood, Defender
  • Scottie Rose Growney, Attacker
  • Britt Read, Goalkeeper
  • Ally Palermo, Defender
  • Sarah Reznick, Goalkeeper
  • Sam Fiedler, Midfielder


Facilitator: Rachel Hillhouse

  • Abby Bosco, Defender
  • Kenzie Kent, Attacker
  • Charlotte North, Attacker
  • Grace Griffin, Midfielder
  • Courtney Taylor, Defender
  • Alex Aust Holman, Attacker
  • Lindsey McKone, Midfielder
  • Katrina Geiger, Defender
  • Erica Evans, Midfielder
  • Caylee Waters, Goalkeeper
  • Sammy Jo Tracy, Attacker
  • Molly Garrett, Midfielder
  • Kat Buchanan, Goalkeeper
  • Emma Wightman, Defender


Facilitator: Amber Hill

  • Kady Glynn, Goalkeeper
  • Amanda Johansen, Midfielder
  • Katie O’Donnell, Midfielder
  • Sam Geiersbach, Attacker
  • Katie Detwiler, Defender
  • Livy Rosenzweig, Attacker
  • Cortney Fortunato, Attacker
  • Kristen Carr, Defender
  • Haley Warden, Midfielder
  • Mairead Durkin, Defender
  • Katie Ramsay, Midfielder
  • Melissa Hawkins, Defender
  • Paulina DiFatta, Goalkeeper
  • Nicole Levy, Attacker

The final week of Season 3 begins on Thursday, Aug. 10 at 5 p.m. ET / 4 p.m. CT on ESPN+.

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