Lexie Brown

Hoops: Meet the Week 3 Teams

Lexie Brown © Athletes Unlimited, LLC 2022 / Credit: Jade Hewitt Media
Alexandra Licata
Feb 06, 2022

Week 2 saw a new leader emerge at the top of the leaderboard in Tianna Hawkins (2,849 points), who will captain the gold team for Week 3.

Hawkins set the record for most points in a game on Friday evening with 38 points and subsequently broke her newly-formed record on Saturday, netting 46 points. In addition to the single-game points record, Hawkins also recorded the most single-game stats points with 480 and single-game overall points 820 points on the night marked the most points a player has earned in a single game in Athletes Unlimited Basketball history.

Undefeated in the orange jersey is Lexie Brown (2,676 points), who sits in the No. 2 captain chair for the second consecutive week. Natasha Cloud (2,591 points) will captain the blue team for Week 3, while Isabelle Harrison (2,387 points) will captain purple.

Meet the Week 3 Teams.

Team Hawkins

Facilitator: Pokey Chatman

  • Tianna Hawkins, Forward
  • Sydney Colson, Guard
  • Mercedes Russell, Center
  • Destinee Walker, Guard
  • Jessica Kuster, Forward
  • Rebecca Harris, Guard
  • Danielle L. McCray, Guard/Forward
  • Air Hearn, Guard
  • Akela Maize, Center
  • Antoinette Thompson, Guard
  • Chelsea Phillips, Forward

Team Brown

Facilitator: Shelley Patterson

  • Lexie Brown, Guard
  • Taj Cole, Guard
  • Jantel Lavender, Forward
  • MeMe Jackson, Guard/Forward
  • Lauren Manis, Forward
  • Dominique Wilson, Guard
  • Imani McGee-Stafford, Center
  • Brittany Carter, Guard
  • Antoinette Bannister, Guard/Forward
  • Takoia Larry, Forward
  • Becca Wann-Taylor, Guard/Forward

Team Cloud

Facilitator: Plenette Pierson

  • Natasha Cloud, Guard
  • DiJonai Carrington, Guard/Forward
  • Kalani Brown, Center
  • Essence Carson, Guard
  • Kiki Harrigan, Forward
  • Drew Edelman, Center
  • Laurin Mincy, Guard
  • Kelsey Mitchell, Guard
  • CC Andrews, Guard
  • Shannon McCallum, Guard
  • Tina Roy, Guard

Team Harrison

Facilitator: Danielle Viglione

  • Isabelle Harrison, Forward
  • Courtney Williams, Guard
  • Odyssey Sims, Guard
  • Nikki Greene, Center
  • Kirby Burkholder, Guard
  • Danni McCray, Guard
  • Ty Young, Guard/Forward
  • Marjorie Butler, Guard
  • Briahanna Jackson, Guard
  • Toccara Ross, Forward
  • Grace Hunter, Guard

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