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14 Holiday gift ideas for the athlete in your life

Recommended and approved by Athletes Unlimited players

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Dec 01, 2020

The holidays are quickly approaching, which means the time for gift-buying is in full swing. If you’re looking for some ideas for the athlete in your life this holiday season, look no further!

Our Athletes Unlimited Lacrosse, Softball and Volleyball players are here to share their recommendations.


Gwen Svekis – 5mm Yoga Mat

Gwen Svekis not only formed a solid battery with Cat Osterman during our inaugural softball season, but she also brought her passion for yoga to The Shield. Her favorite mat is The Reversible Mat 5mm from LuluLemon.



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Katie Carter – Extra Long Yoga Mat

Not all yoga mats, or athletes, are created equally! Volleyball players like Katie Carter need some extra length to their yoga mats to suit their height. Carter’s favorite is the Manduka Pro® Yoga Mat 6mm.



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Sareea Freeman, Erin Fairs, Jessie Warren, Valerie Nichol, Haylie Wagner, Taylor Edwards, and Gwen Svekis – Hyperice Products

For softball players Haylie Wagner, Jessie Warren, Gwen Svekis and Taylor Edwards, recovery wasn’t complete without Hyperice devices during the inaugural season of Athletes Unlimited Softball. 

Here are some of our athletes favorite products:

Sam Apuzzo – Rollga Foam Rollers

A multi-purpose tool, foam rollers help release muscle tension, relieve soreness, and can also be used during workouts to improve flexibility and range of motion.



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Molly McCage – Whoop Band

For optimal training and a balanced daily recovery, strain and sleep, Molly McCage recommends the Whoop Strap 3.0, which is dedicated to helping athletes unlock their true potential.



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Athletes Unlimited Gear

There’s no better time to give some Athletes Unlimited gear this holiday season! From hoodies to t-shirts and more, the Athletes Unlimited Shop has great stocking fillers and more for anyone in your life.

Want to give someone a gift that keeps on giving? Gift someone a membership to The Unlimited Club, where they’ll have the chance to vote on Game MVPs, exclusive virtual meet and greets, events and more!

Sleep Gear

After a day of training or competition, every athlete needs a good night’s rest. 

Samantha Show – Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets relieve stress and create a sense of calm by providing pressure on the body. Show’s favorite is the Pendleton Adult Weighted Blanket

Gwen Svekis – beam CBD Dream Capsules

For any athlete that needs better Zzzs, beam Dream Capsules boast sleep-promoting compounds for a more restful night’s sleep and they’re Svekis’ pick as the perfect gift.



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Hydration and Workout Gear

Erica Handley and Sydney Pirreca – Water Bottles

Whether or not a person is an athlete, hydration is key! Erica Handley’s favorite water bottle is the Big Berkey Water Filter, while Sydney Pirreca recommends the Healthy Human Stainless Steel Water Bottles.

Pirreca also recommends a jump rope, which improves coordination and reduces injury risk, among other health benefits.

Travel and In-Game Gear

Hannah Flippen – Nike SB RPM Skate Duffle Bag

Professional sports often come with traveling, so what better gift than a travel bag? Hannah Flippen recommends the Nike SB RPM, which can hold all their travel needs.

Erika Piancastelli – Oakley Radar® EV Pitch® Team Colors 

For softball players and athletes who are out in the sun, sunglasses are crucial to being able to see the ball. Erika Piancastelli recommends the Oakley Radar EV Pitch Team Colors sunglasses, which are designed to help athletes see more detail with the best view.


For any young girl interested in sports, She Persisted in Sports written by Chelsea Clinton and illustrated by Alexandra Boiger tells the stories of 16 women in sports who overcame and inspired. “She Persisted in Sports is a book for everyone who has ever aimed for a goal and been told it wasn’t theirs to hit, for everyone who has ever raced for a finish line that seemed all too far away, and for everyone who has ever felt small or unimportant while out on the field,” says the book description on Scholastic.


Our friends over at Playa Society are on a mission to advocate for the recognition of female athletes and believe that all athletes can use their platforms to influence positive change, which is why they specialize in designing gender neutral t-shirts that support gender equality and social justice. While all of their designs are great gifts, one of our personal favorites is their Female Athlete collection! We also partnered with Playa Society to create a t-shirt with all net proceeds going to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.


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Happy holidays!

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