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© Athletes Unlimited, LLC 2022 / Credit: Krystina Brown

Athletes Unlimited’s “Power in My Voice” is an initiative that everyone can have an impact by using their voice. Whether it is through voting, speaking up for a cause, standing up for your teammates and peers, or helping out in your community, every voice is powerful.

Power in My Voice includes in-venue activations such as the Women’s Wall and Bookstore in partnership with Bookshop.org as well as internal and external programming, such as: 

  • Partnering with Rally the Vote, When We All Vote, and More than A Vote to register our athletes for the 2020 elections
  • Working with VOTE.org to deepen our voter engagement understanding and scope of work for the 2022 midterm elections 
  • Facilitating weekly player-led discussions around social justice, racial equity, and inclusion within Athletes Unlimited and the greater communities our athletes navigate outside of AU 

There is power in my voice,

When I use it…

To speak up for a cause.

To encourage the person next to me.

To help us hear the voiceless. 

To represent my people. 

To shine a light on the truth.

To show others what is possible.

To change the course of history.

To remind you of the power in yours.

There is power in your voice,

But only when you use it.

Shop books chosen by our athletes

In partnership with Bookshop.org, Athletes Unlimited creates  a bookshop in each venue of our leagues featuring a list of books curated by our athletes to amplify authors, stories, and topics that are important to them and support local bookstores of the venue’s respective city. 

Enjoy the lists they’ve curated just for you here.

Our Bookshop

Our Women’s Wall

In the spirit of the Power in My Voice initiative, our athletes are choosing women who embody that power as civic leaders, blazed new trails, and used their voices on behalf of those who have been given the least space.

Voter Registration Tools


Power in My Voice

© Athletes Unlimited, LLC 2022 / Credit: Krystina Brown