#31 Right-Handed Pitcher

Kathryn Sandercock

McLean, Virginia

Playing for Step Up For Mental Health® (opens in new tab)

Personal: Sandercock majored in psychology at Florida State. She has one sister who works as a graphic designer in New York City. Her favorite movie is Dirty Dancing, and she enjoys reading Sky Mall magazine. Tove Lo is her favorite singer, and she loves eating chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Sandercock's favorite television show is Love Island, and she aspires to become a college softball coach. She grew up with two dogs and helped McLean Little League reach the 2013 Little League Softball World Series Championship. Sandercock credits Florida State head softball coach Lonni Alameda as someone who has made a difference in her life. As a child, she played several instruments including the piano, clarinet, and violin. Her hobbies include reading, hiking, traveling, exploring different cities, and watching TV and movies. Sandercock chose to wear No. 31 in honor of her friend and former Florida State teammate Danielle Watson, and her walk-up song is "Wait Your Turn" by Rihanna.

Height 5' 11"
Hometown McLean, Virginia
Pronouns She/Her

Career Stats

Innings Pitched
Earned Runs
W-L Record

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