Week 5 Captains

Volleyball Season 2: Meet the Week 5 Teams

© Athletes Unlimited, LLC 2022 / Credit: Kimberly Dovi
Alexandra Licata
Apr 10, 2022

The final week of the second season of Athletes Unlimited Volleyball is just around the corner. Bethania De La Cruz, Natalia Valentin-Anderson, Dani Drews and Cassidy Lichtman took their seats one last time at the Week 5 Draft to select their last teams of the season.

De La Cruz jumped into the No. 1 spot on the leaderboard (3,361 points) after a 2-1 week with her team. She became the career kills leader with 371, pulling ahead of Karsta Lowe who previously held the record (340).

Drews dropped to the No. 2 spot on the leaderboard during Week 4 as her team faced three losses. She ranks second in kills this season behind De La Cruz with 177 and leads the league in aces (13). Drews’ 2,806 points puts her 495 points behind De La Cruz with three matches remaining.

The league-leader in assists, Valentin-Anderson, has posted 448 this season and ranks second in aces (12), alongside De La Cruz. The three-time captain will captain the blue squad in her final campaign of the season with 2,778 points, just 28 points behind Drews.

Lichtman is a first-time captain in the final week. The Chair of the Player Executive Committee for Volleyball has racked up 2,528 points this season with 108 digs, 66 kills and 10 aces.

With only six matches until we crown a champion, meet the Week 5 Teams.


Facilitator: Michelle Chatman-Smith

  • Bethania De La Cruz, Outside Hitter
  • Nootsara Tomkom, Setter
  • Aury Cruz, Outside Hitter
  • Jenna Rosenthal, Middle Blocker
  • Ronika Stone, Middle Blocker
  • Kalei Mau, Outside Hitter
  • Nomaris Vélez Agosto, Libero
  • Tori Dilfer, Setter
  • Rachael Fara, Middle Blocker
  • Naya Crittenden, Opposite


Facilitator: Deitre Collins-Parker

  • Dani Drews, Outside Hitter
  • Erin Fairs, Outside Hitter
  • Taylor Fricano, Opposite
  • Molly McCage, Middle Blocker
  • Ray Santos, Setter
  • Lianna Sybeldon, Middle Blocker
  • Deja McClendon, Outside Hitter
  • Taylor Bruns Tegenrot, Setter
  • Niki Withers, Opposite
  • Hana Lishman, Libero


Facilitator: Laurie Corbelli

  • Natalia Valentin-Anderson, Setter
  • Lindsay Stalzer, Outside Hitter
  • Madison Villines, Outside Hitter
  • Erica Wilson, Opposite
  • Taylor Sandbothe, Middle Blocker
  • Eri Xue, Middle Blocker
  • Taylor Morgan, Middle Blocker
  • Amanda Benson, Libero
  • Val Nichol, Setter
  • Noami Santos-Lamb, Outside Hitter


Facilitator: Joe Trinsey

  • Cassidy Lichtman, Outside Hitter
  • Leah Edmond, Outside Hitter
  • Falyn Fonoimoana, Opposite
  • Alisha Childress, Setter
  • Morgan Hentz, Libero
  • Ali Bastianelli, Middle Blocker
  • Emma Willis, Middle Blocker
  • Jamie Peterson, Outside Hitter
  • Carli Lloyd, Setter
  • Tina Boe, Middle Blocker

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