Meet the 2023 Softball Week 4 Teams

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Aug 14, 2023

Week Three was one for the books. Kicking off in Greenville, NC, Athletes Unlimited Softball Championship Season made history by hosting their games at the Little League Softball World Series. This marked the first time Softball Championship Season games were played outside Parkway Bank Sports Complex, and the first time professional games were played at the Little League Softball World Series.

Two captains return for Week Four following a thrilling week of games. Pitcher Odicci Alexander and catcher Mia Davidson return as captains for the second straight week, while outfielder Bubba Nickles and middle infielder Anissa Urtez earn the honor of being a captain for the first time in their Championship Season careers.  

Rising to No. 1, Alexander (1,356 points) pitched 11 innings and had 10 strikeouts throughout the week to help her team to go undefeated in her first week as an Athletes Unlimited Softball captain. Team Alexander outscored its opponents by a 12-4 margin in the three-game sweep, including a 4-0 blanking against Team Davidson on Saturday.

In the No. 2 spot, Nickles (1,168 points) will be a first-time captain after climbing up the leaderboard as a member of Team Alexander with three hits throughout the week. On Sunday, Nickles collected 198 leaderboard points and claimed MVP 2 distinction after scoring two runs in addition to hitting a solo home run in the top of the fifth inning.

Urtez (1,054 points) joins Nickles as a first-time captain in the No. 3 spot with three hits across the week, including two home runs. She earned MVP 2 honors on Sunday, after hitting a home run in the victory and bringing in the eventual game-winning run with a solo shot to left center in the fourth inning.

Davidson (1,052 points) rounds out the captains for Week Four. Team Davidson went 2-1 in Week Three, including winning the first-ever contest at the AU Pro Games at the Little League World Series. Team Davidson earned the win after blasting three home runs in its final two trips to the plate.

Meet the Week Four teams of Athletes Unlimited Softball Season 4.


Facilitator: Bryce Te Kulve

  • Odicci Alexander, Right-Handed Pitcher
  • Alyssa Denham, Right-Handed Pitcher
  • Danielle Gibson, Corner Infielder
  • Aleshia Ocasio, Right-Handed Pitcher
  • Gwen Svekis, Catcher
  • Aliyah Andrews, Outfielder
  • Hannah Flippen, Middle Infielder
  • Dejah Mulipola, Catcher
  • Delanie Wisz, Corner Infielder
  • Kelsey Stewart-Hunter, Corner Infielder
  • Caroline Jacobsen, Outfielder
  • Abby Ramirez, Middle Infielder
  • Sydney McKinney, Corner Infielder
  • Brooke Yanez, Left-Handed Pitcher
  • Shannon Rhodes, Outfielder


Facilitator: Ellie Cooper

  • Bubba Nickles, Outfielder
  • Kathryn Sandercock, Right-Handed Pitcher
  • Morgan Zerkle, Outfielder
  • Georgina Corrick, Right-Handed Pitcher
  • Kelsey Harshman, Middle Infielder
  • Jessi Warren, Corner Infielder
  • Erika Piancastelli, Catcher
  • Aubrey Leach, Middle Infielder
  • Lilli Piper, Corner Infielder
  • Sydney Littlejohn Watkins, Right-Handed Pitcher
  • Jordan Roberts, Catcher
  • Rachel Becker, Middle Infielder
  • Shannon Saile, Right-Handed Pitcher
  • Nicole Mendes, Outfielder
  • DJ Sanders, Corner Infielder


Facilitator: Faith Canfield

  • Anissa Urtez, Middle Infielder
  • Rachel Garcia, Right-Handed Pitcher
  • Taylor McQuillin, Left-Handed Pitcher
  • Taylor Edwards, Catcher
  • Amanda Lorenz, Outfielder
  • Sydney Romero, Corner Infielder
  • Peyton St. George, Right-Handed Pitcher
  • Tori Vidales, Corner Infielder
  • Megan Wiggins, Outfielder
  • Josie Muffley, Middle Infielder
  • Jazmyn Jackson, Outfielder
  • Carrie Eberle, Right-Handed Pitcher
  • Sashel Palacios, Catcher
  • Aly Harrell, Corner Infielder
  • Caleigh Clifton, Middle Infielder


Facilitator: Erin Dixson

  • Mia Davidson, Catcher
  • Megan Faraimo, Right-Handed Pitcher
  • Mariah Mazon, Right-Handed Pitcher
  • Sierra Romero, Middle Infielder
  • Victoria Hayward, Outfielder
  • Sam Fischer, Corner Infielder
  • Haylie Wagner, Left-Handed Pitcher
  • Haylie McCleney, Outfielder
  • Sis Bates, Middle Infielder
  • Nadia Taylor, Corner Infielder
  • Andrea Filler, Middle Infielder
  • Madi Huskey, Outfielder
  • Myka Sutherlin, Right-Handed Pitcher
  • Frankie Hammoude, Corner Infielder
  • Gianna Boccagno, Catcher

Week Four begins on Friday, August 18 at 4:30 p.m. ET / 3:30 p.m. CT on ESPN+. 

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