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Meet the 2023 AUX Softball Series 1 Teams

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Alexandra Licata
Jun 09, 2023

The second season of AUSoftball began on Friday afternoon as Rachel Garcia, Dejah Mulipola, and Morgan Zerkle drafted their teams for the first series.

The three captains represent the top three returning finishers of the inaugural AUseason. Garcia, who did not serve as a captain at any point in AUX Season 1, will be a first-time captain. Mulipola and Zerkle return to the captain seats after previously leading teams last year.

Meet the teams for Series 1 of AUX Softball.


Facilitator: Charlotte Morgan

  • Rachel Garcia, Right-Handed Pitcher
  • Haylie McCleney, Outfielder
  • Amanda Lorenz, Outfielder
  • Taylor Edwards, Catcher
  • Brooke Yanez, Left-Handed Pitcher
  • Sam Fischer, Corner Infielder
  • Sis Bates, Middle Infielder
  • Shannon Rhodes, Outfielder
  • Danielle Gibson, Designated Player
  • Odicci Alexander, Right-Handed Pitcher
  • Sashel Palacios, Catcher
  • Abby Ramirez, Middle Infielder
  • Elizabeth Hightower, Right-Handed Pitcher
  • Lilli Piper, Corner Infielder


Facilitator: Danielle O’Toole

  • Dejah Mulipola, Catcher
  • Aleshia Ocasio, Right-Handed Pitcher
  • Megan Faraimo, Right-Handed Pitcher
  • Victoria Hayward, Outfielder
  • Aubrey Leach, Middle Infielder
  • Tori Vidales, Corner Infielder
  • Caleigh Clifton, Middle Infielder
  • Mariah Mazon, Right-Handed Pitcher
  • Peyton St. George, Right-Handed Pitcher
  • Kelsey Stewart-Hunter, Corner Infielder
  • Jordan Roberts, Catcher
  • Courtney Gano, Designated Player
  • Jazmyn Jackson, Outfielder
  • Nicole Mendes, Outfielder


Facilitator: Allison Rager

  • Morgan Zerkle, Outfielder
  • Georgina Corrick, Right-Handed Pitcher
  • Anissa Urtez, Middle Infielder
  • Carrie Eberle, Right-Handed Pitcher
  • Sydney McKinney, Corner Infielder
  • Jessi Warren, Corner Infielder
  • Aliyah Andrews, Outfielder
  • Mia Davidson, Catcher
  • Megan Wiggins, Outfielder
  • Andrea Filler, Middle Infielder
  • Haylie Wagner, Left-Handed Pitcher
  • Shannon Saile, Right-Handed Pitcher
  • Delanie Wisz, Catcher
  • Nadia Taylor, Designated Player

Competition begins Monday at 6 p.m. ET/5 p.m. CT on ESPNU. Tickets are available now.

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