Britt Read

Lacrosse Season 2: Meet the Week 1 Teams

Britt Read © Athletes Unlimited, LLC 2022 / Credit: Kait Devir
Alexandra Licata
Jul 18, 2022

Season 2 of Athletes Unlimited Lacrosse kicked off on Monday evening as the Week 1 captains drafted their teams.

Returning to the captain seats after finishing Season 1 at the top of the leaderboard are goalkeeper Caylee Waters (Gold), attacker Sam Apuzzo (Orange), goalkeeper Kady Glynn (Blue) and goalkeeper Britt Read (Purple).

Meet the teams for Week 1 of Lacrosse. Opening day is Thursday, July 21 at 6:30 p.m. ET/5:30 p.m. CT at USA Lacrosse Headquarters. Tickets are available now.

Note: Athletes are listed in the order they were drafted to each team.


Facilitator: Crysti Foote

  • Caylee Waters, Goalkeeper
  • Marie McCool, Midfielder
  • Kenzie Kent, Attacker
  • Grace Griffin, Midfielder
  • Scottie Rose Growney, Attacker
  • Ella Simkins, Defender
  • Sarah Cooper, Defender
  • Cortney Fortunato, Attacker
  • Caroline Wakefield, Defender
  • Kelly McPartland, Midfielder
  • Alex Aust Holman, Attacker
  • Amber McKenzie, Defender
  • Molly Wolf, Goalkeeper
  • Sydney Watson, Midfielder


Facilitator: Amber Hill

  • Sam Apuzzo, Attacker
  • Dempsey Arsenault, Midfielder
  • Haley Warden, Midfielder
  • Lauren Gilbert, Attacker
  • Amanda Johansen, Midfielder
  • Emma Trenchard, Defender
  • Lizzie Colson, Defender
  • Alyssa Parrella, Midfielder
  • Sam Geiersbach, Attacker
  • Taylor Moreno, Goalkeeper
  • Courtney Taylor, Defender
  • Nicole Levy, Attacker
  • Katrina Geiger, Defender
  • Molly Dougherty, Goalkeeper


Facilitator: Renee Olsen

  • Kady Glynn, Goalkeeper
  • Aly Mastroianni, Midfielder
  • Jamie Ortega, Attacker
  • Kelsey Huff, Midfielder
  • Kayla Wood, Defender
  • Sammy Jo Tracy, Attacker
  • Kristen Carr, Defender
  • Lindsey McKone, Midfielder
  • Izzy McMahon, Attacker
  • Ally Palermo, Defender
  • Taylor VanThof, Midfielder
  • Kyra Pelton, Defender
  • Paulina DiFatta, Goalkeeper
  • Halle Majorana, Attacker


Facilitator: Nicole Flores

  • Britt Read, Goalkeeper
  • Charlotte North, Attacker
  • Jill Girardi, Midfielder
  • Aurora Cordingley, Attacker
  • Becca Block, Defender
  • Ally Kennedy, Midfielder
  • Mollie Stevens, Attacker
  • Meg Douty, Defender
  • Shayna Pirreca, Attacker
  • Katie O’Donnell, Midfielder
  • Mira Shane, Goalkeeper
  • Molly Little, Defender
  • Sydney Pirreca, Defender
  • Kerrigan Miller, Midfielder

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