#19 Middle Blocker

Anota Adekunle

Status Injured - Permanent

Humble, Texas

Playing for Ella Baker Center for Human Rights (opens in new tab)

Personal: Adekunle majored in natural science and neuroscience at Rice University, showcasing her dedication to academics alongside her athletic pursuits. She is one of six children in her family, highlighting the importance of family values in her life. In her personal life, Adekunle has a female pitbull named Sai, demonstrating her love for animals. She acknowledges her club coach, Gabi Carbone, as a person who has made a difference in her life, emphasizing the impact of mentors in her journey. Outside of volleyball, Adekunle has a passion for global health administration and aspires to work at a hospital if she were not playing volleyball. Her diverse athletic background includes participation in basketball, track and field, swimming, and golf during her childhood. Adekunle's interests extended beyond sports, as she played the violin in her school's orchestra and was involved in honor council. Her accomplishments include competing at the Junior Olympics in high school and earning second place in the 4x400 relay. Her hobbies encompass a wide range of interests, including reading, painting, listening to music, and watching videos on YouTube. Adekunle's multifaceted talents and dedication to both academics and athletics make her a well-rounded individual and athlete.

Height 6' 1"
Hometown Humble, Texas
Pronouns She/Her

Career Stats

Sets Played


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