Volleyball Season 3: Movers of Week 4

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Savanna Collins
Nov 02, 2023

Champions weekend has arrived but not before some Athletes Unlimited Volleyball players made some crucial moves up the leaderboard.

Week Four resulted in Team Linnehan picking up 360 win points, posting a 2-1 record, and winning six out of nine sets. Team Edmond also came away with two match wins but mostly split sets and finished with 280 win points.

Take a deep dive into how the last six games could impact who walks away with the hardware this season.

Alli Linnehan: The second time’s the charm

While she didn’t make the biggest leap up the rankings, Alli Linnehan may have made some of the most impactful shifts in the past two weeks of play. Back in Week Two, Linnehan struggled as a first-time captain going 0-3 and not winning a set. But since then she’s figured things out.

She not only had the winningest team of the week but Linnehan hit .330 in the last three games with 38 kills. Week Four was her season-best in stat points, raking in 409. 

So despite dropping to 11th place following Week Two, Linnehan has slowly worked her way back up the rankings. She was the overall highest point earner in the league the past two weeks and now only stands 265 points out of first place.

Depending on how things play out in the win point category, Team Edmond vs. Team Linnehan on Monday night could be for the championship between the two former Wildcat teammates.

Leah Edmond: A championship so close you can taste it

After entering first place after Week One, Leah Edmond has not looked back. Every single week of the season Edmond has been one of the top three stat points earners — picking up more than 700 points per week. 

The question remains if she can finish how she’s played most of the season: golden.

Brooke Nuneviller: At the top with familiar company

After a standout performance in Week Four, rookie Brooke Nuneviller has broken into the top four to be a captain for the first time.

Nuneviller has worked her way up the leaderboard from 25th to 7th in two weeks, and now holds 4th. These three games were Nuneviller’s most dominant yet – she had 33 digs, 37 kills, and only nine attack errors.

Her first pick of the draft should have come as no surprise after the clear connection Nuneviller and Bethania De La Cruz have cultivated throughout the season. The two make an outside hitter duo that is not only powerful but smart because of the crafty approach the two challenge each other to perfect.

Mover of the Week: Willow Johnson

Opposite Willow Johnson is the Week Four Mover of the Week after being the fourth-highest point earner in the league. She made a 708-point change this week that pushed her from 26th to 15th on the leaderboard. She recorded 18 digs, 42 kills and was voted MVP in two out of three games.

Tune In

Tune in on Friday, Nov. 3 at 7 p.m. ET / 4 p.m. PT on ESPN+ as Week Five begins with Team Hentz against Team Linnehan followed by Team Edmond taking on Team Nuneviller.

Savanna Collins is the Digital Media Reporter at Athletes Unlimited. You can follow her on Twitter @savannaecollins.

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