Brooke Nuneviller jumps to attack the ball

Meet the 2023 Volleyball Week 5 Teams

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Alexandra Licata
Oct 31, 2023

In just under a week, the Champion of Athletes Unlimited Volleyball Season 3 will be crowned.

Leah Edmond holds the top spot on the leaderboard entering the final week of competition with 3,406 points. Her team went 2-1 in Week Four. She leads the league in kills (183) and MVP Points (300).

Alli Linnehan (3,141 points) was the top points earner of Week Four, grabbing 1,010 made up of 360 win points, 530 stat points, and 120 MVP points. She moves up one spot on the leaderboard to captain the Orange team.

Rounding out the captains are Morgan Hentz and Brooke Nuneviller. Hentz drops to No. 3 on the leaderboard with 2,919 points after taking her first two losses of the season. She has 174 digs this season.

Nuneviller will captain a team for the first time in her Athletes Unlimited career. She earned 755 points as a member of Team Hentz in Week Four, including 60 points from an MVP 1 honor.

Meet the Week Five Teams of AU Volleyball Season 3.


Facilitator: Kayla Banwarth

  • Leah Edmond, Outside Hitter
  • Natalia Valentin-Anderson, Setter
  • Lindsey Vander Weide, Outside Hitter
  • Génesis Collazo, Opposite
  • Kaz Brown, Middle Blocker
  • Karis Watson, Middle Blocker
  • Kendall White, Libero
  • Sassá Gonzaga, Outside Hitter
  • Shelly Fanning, Middle Blocker
  • Ray Santos, Setter
  • Nia Reed, Opposite


Facilitator: Brandon Directo

  • Alli Linnehan, Outside Hitter
  • Molly McCage, Middle Blocker
  • Nootsara Tomkom, Setter
  • Willow Johnson, Opposite
  • Tori Dixon, Middle Blocker
  • Nomaris Vélez Agosto, Libero
  • Erin Fairs, Outside Hitter
  • Alisha Childress, Setter
  • Aury Cruz, Outside Hitter
  • Katie Lukes, Outside Hitter
  • Danielle Hart, Middle Blocker*

Danielle Hart is unavailable for Week Five. She will receive win points earned by Team Linnehan.


Facilitator: Stephen Gbur

  • Morgan Hentz, Libero
  • Claire Chaussee, Outside Hitter
  • Yossiana Pressley, Outside Hitter
  • Ali Bastianelli, Middle Blocker
  • Emma Willis, Middle Blocker
  • Taylor Bruns Tegenrot, Setter
  • Symone Abbott, Opposite
  • Deja McClendon, Outside Hitter
  • Nia Parker-Robinson, Outside Hitter
  • Blake Mohler, Middle Blocker
  • Gabby Blossom, Setter


Facilitator: Dave Rubio

  • Brooke Nuneviller, Outside Hitter
  • Bethania De La Cruz, Outside Hitter
  • Sydney Hilley, Setter
  • Jenna Rosenthal, Middle Blocker
  • Kayla Caffey, Middle Blocker
  • Saskia Hippe, Opposite
  • Marin Grote, Middle Blocker
  • Nicole Edelman-Cagliari, Setter
  • Lindsay Stalzer, Outside Hitter
  • Maria Schlegel, Outside Hitter
  • Amanda Benson, Libero

Tune in on Friday, Nov. 3 at 7 p.m. ET / 4 p.m. PT on ESPN+ as Week Five begins with Team Hentz against Team Linnehan, followed by Team Edmond taking on Team Nuneviller.

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