Tweets of the Game: Six post goals for Team O'Donnell in win against Team Benson

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Athletes Unlimited
Jul 25, 2021

Captain Katie O’Donnell, Taylor Cummings and Michelle Tumolo each posted a pair of goals on Sunday afternoon as Team O’Donnell defeated Team Benson 10-6. O’Donnell and her teammates earned 105 win points for their victory, while Team Benson took home 20 points for outscoring Team O’Donnell in the third quarter (1-0).

Marie McCool scored a hat trick and her seventh goal of the season in the loss for Team Benson. She was named MVP 1 (+45) and accumulated 127 points.

For Team O’Donnell, Amber Hill received MVP 2 honors (+30) for her performance in goal. She made four saves on eight attempts for a .500 save percentage and 157 points. Taylor Cummings earned an additional 15 points being named MVP 3 and 134 total on the day.

With Week 1 in the books, Week 2 captains have been decided: No. 1 Kayla Wood (501 points), No. 2 Kayla Treanor (496 points), No. 3 Dempsey Arsenault (463 points) and No. 4 Haley Warden (411 points).

While Warden and Kady Glynn are tied with the same number of points for the No. 4 captain spot, Warden wins the tiebreaker because she tallied 48 individual points in Team Ohlmiller’s victory against Team Douty, while Glynn had 22.

Here are today’s tweets of the game!