Team Wood vs. Team Ohlmiller

Team Wood holds Team Ohlmiller scoreless in the fourth for 7-5 victory

© Athletes Unlimited, LLC 2021 / Credit: Kait Devir
Alexandra Licata
Aug 07, 2021

Team Wood outscored Team Ohlmiller 4-2 in the 3rd quarter on its way to a 7-5 victory. As the teams battled back-and-forth through the first half, Team Wood was able to pull ahead on goals from Alex Aust and Shayna Pirreca, and used their defense to hold Team Ohlmiller scoreless in the fourth.

Here’s the action from a tight and exciting game:

Aust didn’t waste any time getting this one started for Team Wood, taking all of seven seconds to put her team up 1-0 after scoring off the draw.

Team Wood’s man-to-man defense, with which they had success the night before, shut down Team Ohlmiller’s early chances. It kept Team Ohlmiller quiet until just over the three minute mark when Amanda Johansen grabbed a pass from Team Wood goalie Kady Glynn out of the air and passed quickly to Kylie Ohlmiller, who scored to tie the game at 1. Ohlmiller had hit Glynn’s stick as she made the pass which helped cause the turnover and put her team on the board.

Heading into the second quarter tied 1-1 meant the quarter was now worth 40 points. Taylor VanThof gave Team Wood the lead and some cushion on a 2-pointer as she tiptoed the key and fired into the net, making it 3-1.

Team Ohlmiller missed its last ten shots before Sam Apuzzo got the ball to Ohlmiller for her second goal of the game and cut Team Wood’s lead in half. The Ohlmiller and Apuzzo connection struck yet again with 10 seconds remaining in the first as they tied the game and caused the points to rollover yet again, making the 3rd quarter worth 60 points.

As the 3rd quarter began, so did the rapid back-and-forth play. As Team Wood scored a goal, Team Ohlmiller answered, and that play continued until Team Wood pulled ahead with two goals – one from Aust that secured her hat trick and the second from teammate Pirreca.

Team Wood won the third quarter with a 7-5 lead and held Team Ohlmiller scoreless through the fourth quarter to win all 125 win points thanks to its defensive effort.

Team Wood goalkeeper Glynn was named MVP 1 (+45) for her defense in the net. Glynn made nine saves for a 0.64 save percentage for 217 points overall. Aust earned MVP 2 (+30) honors for her hat trick performance and accumulated 181 points. Captain Kayla Wood had 150 points and was named MVP 3 (+15).

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