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Athletes Unlimited Announces 10 New Players to League – Plus How the Scoring System Works

Athletes Unlimited
Mar 31, 2020

Athletes Unlimited is excited to announce the signing of ten new athletes since our public launch, taking the total to 24 signed players:

Olympic Qualified National team members:

Jenny Gilbert (outfielder)  Team Canada

Taylor McQuillin (pitcher) Team Mexico

Sashel Palacios (catcher)  Team Mexico

Amanda Sanchez (infielder) Team Mexico

Anissa Urtez (infielder) Team Mexico      


Softball standouts:

Taran Alvelo (pitcher) member of Team Puerto Rico

Sahvanna Jaquish (catcher) 2018 WBSC World Championship Gold Medalist 

Aleshia Ocasio (pitcher) member of Team Puerto Rico, Captured the National 

Championship with the Florida Gators in 2015 

Nadia Taylor (infielder) Named to the 2018 All-NPF Team

Megan Wiggins (outfielder) 6x All-NPF Team Selection


Now to how points are distributed…

One of the biggest things that sets Athletes Unlimited apart from other professional sports leagues is the scoring system. In order to add an extra layer of excitement to the game, we’ve developed a unique scoring system that is centered around the athlete, using thorough analysis of historical softball data. Here’s how it works:

The rule of 3’s

In the Athletes Unlimited system, points are awarded and accumulated based on three factors: Win points, game MVPs and individual statistics. This means that players can accrue points based on both individual and team performances. Cumulative points determined by these three factors are then used for leaderboard rankings and to decide things like monetary bonuses and weekly team captains.

Win Points

First, players can earn points for both individual innings and overall game wins, with each inning being worth +10 points and overall games worth +50. In the case of a tied inning, points roll over to the subsequent inning.

Game MVPs

Recognizing standout performances is important too, which is why three MVP honors will be awarded per game — all voted on by the players. Points are as follows:

MVP 1: +60 points

MVP 2: +40 points

MVP 3: +20 points

These points are added to each player’s overall score to determine leaderboard rankings.

Individual Stats

Third, players get points based on their individual performance.

The system is designed so that position players and pitchers have an equal chance to earn points.

Here’s how the individual points system works:

Single: 10 points

Double: 20 points

Triple: 30 points

Home run: 40 points

Stolen base: 10 points

Caught stealing: -10 points

Base on balls: 10 points

So here’s an example:

If a batter goes 2-4 with a HR and a single, but is caught stealing, that player would be scored as:

40 (HR) + 10 (IB) – 10 (CS)= 40 points.

Pitchers earn points +4 points earned for every out and -10 points for each earned run allowed.

So, if a pitcher throws 4.1 IP and allows 2 earned runs, that player would be scored as:

(13 outs × 4) – (2 ER × 10) = 32 points

Moneyball Vibes

By developing this type of scoring system, Athletes Unlimited is able to highlight individual productivity within a team environment.

Hmmm we can see Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill in the stands now…

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