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Get in on the action with the Official Athletes Unlimited Softball Draft Card

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Tim Heaney
Aug 26, 2020

As sports return in a changed landscape, Athletes Unlimited softball debuts on Aug. 29. Fifty-six players will take the field, fighting for points and vying for the top spot, while the top four players who lead the way become captains for the week.

You have a chance to get in on the action by drafting your own team each week, and playing against your friends and other fans of Athletes Unlimited. 

Here’s how: 

  • Every Tuesday, fill out a draft card with your player selections. There are spots for specific positions, as well as free spots to use however you’d like. Put together the roster that you think will score the most points. 
  • Share your draft card on Twitter or Instagram, and be sure to tag @AUProSports or @SavannaECollins. Keep an eye on how your players perform throughout the weekend.
  • Tally up your points and let us know how your team did!


The Athletes Unlimited scoring system sharply mimics points leagues and Daily Fantasy.

The system gives a nod to sabermetrics, an analytics process that quantifies in-game activity and weighs the significance of different baseball/softball events. But whereas most fantasy MLB leagues are typically more liberal with stolen-base success, Athletes Unlimited’s heavy penalty for an unsuccessful attempt means fans may want to either buy into the true speedsters or minimize the risk and investment into the category.

Athletes Unlimited FANTASY TIPS & IDEAS

Target players likely to hit near the top of a batting order to maximize opportunities to record points.

In any fantasy baseball game, the goal from your hitters is to compile as many plate appearances as possible. This may mean someone like AJ Andrews, who fits the profile of a leadoff hitter, should be more in demand.

Use your free spot wisely.

Your draft card’s free spot can play an important role in racking up as many points as possible. It may give you an opportunity to add a player who’s on the rise in the standings, but wasn’t selected when filling up your position spots. Or maybe you choose to add another lights-out pitcher.

Remember, every moment counts, so using these free spots to your advantage can help you overcome your competition. 

Estimate category target numbers.

A big part of fantasy projections involves studying past statistical benchmarks to determine your needs.

Considering Athletes Unlimited is about to begin its inaugural season, it’s best to look at stats from NCAA Division 1 softball and National Pro Fastpitch.

Both organizations hover around 40 regular-season games and at least can model some pace of production. NPF’s statistical history (generally hovered around 45 games in its regular season) can be used as a guide. Among regular seasons that hovered around 45 games per team, some of the best single-season individual performances for several categories came in at around 15 home runs, 45.8 RBI, and a .400-plus batting average.

If Win Points are on the line, both teams will bat seven times.

Yes, it’s true, even if the home team is winning after the top of the seventh, if the away team scores in the top of the inning, the bottom of the seventh will be played. This caters to the player element of scoring, giving them one final chance to earn accolades that will go toward their totals heading into the next week’s draft. It also gives the home team a chance to snag the win points on the line. 

Stack players from teams you think will win.

Loading up on the favorite team’s main players — especially those batting first, second and third — can lead to big numbers if they all succeed; in this case, you may be able to nab plenty of useful plate appearances and power potential.

Don’t forget about MVP and Win Points

Make sure to calculate win points and MVP points into your total at the end of the week. Having players from a team that scored in more innings, even if the player didn’t have the best day at the plate, can still add to your point total. That goes for players who are selected as MVPs as well. These points could be what pushes you to the top. 


It’s time to build your own fantasy team using the official Athletes Unlimited scorecard! Be sure to tune in on CBS Sports Network, ESPN 2, and ESPN 3 to see your drafted players in action. 

To download your draft card, right click on the image below and click “Save Image As” to save it to your computer. Fill out your draft card digitally or print it out to select your team.

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