#88 Middle Blocker

Marin Grote

Burbank, California

Playing for 1% for the Planet (opens in new tab)

Personal: Beyond her volleyball talents, Grote has a diverse background. She engaged in multiple sports during her childhood, including softball, basketball, and track and field, in addition to volleyball. Her interests also led her to be a part of her high school's marching band, where she played the flute and piccolo. In her free time, Grote enjoys reading, hiking, and paddleboarding. She has a penchant for culinary adventures, loving to cook and experiment with new recipes. Grote also has a taste for the arts, having worked as an actress during her childhood, including an appearance in an episode of "iCarly." She was born in Flagstaff, Arizona, and considers former Washington head volleyball coach Keegan Cook as someone who has made a significant difference in her life. Grote's vibrant personality and multifaceted talents make her a standout athlete both on and off the court.

Height 6' 4"
Hometown Burbank, California
Pronouns She/Her


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