Taylor Cummings

Lacrosse Week 4 Draft: Meet the Week 4 Teams

© Athletes Unlimited, LLC 2021 / Credit: Kait Devir
Alexandra Licata
Aug 09, 2021

There was a new leader at the top for Week 4 of Athletes Unlimited. Dempsey Arsenault led her teams to two victories during Week 3 and surpassed Kayla Wood for the No. 1 spot with 1,133 points. Wood, who was given her first loss in Athletes Unlimited by Arsenault, dropped to No. 2 with 1,088 points. Two newcomers took the No. 3 and No. 4 spots as midfielder Taylor Cummings (1,083) and goalie Kady Glynn (1,067) secured the final two spots, respectively.

The teams will hit the field for another exciting weekend of competition beginning on Friday, Aug. 13 at 5 p.m. ET on CBS Sports Network. Tickets are on sale now, and are available for Saturday, Aug. 14, when we will celebrating Pride Day!

Team Arsenault

  • Dempsey Arsenault, Midfielder
  • Kenzie Kent, Attacker
  • Amanda Johansen, Midfielder
  • Lindsey McKone, Midfielder
  • Caroline Wakefield, Defender
  • Sammy Jo Tracy, Attacker
  • Britt Read, Goalie
  • Katie Hertsch, Defender
  • Izzy McMahon, Attacker
  • Molly Garrett, Midfielder
  • Amber McKenzie, Defender
  • Britt Brown, Goalie
  • Tianna Wallpher, Defender
  • Halle Majorana, Attacker

Team Wood

  • Kayla Wood, Defender
  • Sam Apuzzo, Attacker
  • Haley Warden, Midfielder
  • Alex Aust, Attacker
  • Ella Simkins, Defender
  • Alyssa Parrella, Midfielder
  • Haley Hicklen, Goalie
  • Taryn Vanthof, Midfielder
  • Michelle Tumolo, Attacker
  • Kathy Rudkin, Defender
  • MC Byrne, Midfielder
  • Lindsey Ronbeck, Attacker
  • Angie Benson, Goalie
  • Sarah Brown, Defender

Team Cummings

  • Taylor Cummings, Midfielder
  • Marie McCool, Midfielder
  • Kylie Ohlmiller, Attacker
  • Becca Block, Defender
  • Emily Garrity Parros, Midfielder
  • Caylee Waters, Goalie
  • Nicole Levy, Attacker
  • Kyra Pelton, Defender
  • Mollie Stevens, Attacker
  • Kelly McPartland, Midfielder
  • Sydney Pirreca, Midfielder
  • Katrina Dowd, Attacker
  • Meg Douty, Defender
  • Amber Hill, Goalie
  • Holly McGarvie Reilly, Defender

Team Glynn

  • Kady Glynn, Goalie
  • Kayla Treanor, Attacker
  • Cortney Fortunato, Attacker
  • Ally Kennedy, Midfielder
  • Kristen Carr, Defender
  • Taylor VanThof, Midfielder
  • Katie O’Donnell, Midfielder
  • Shayna Pirreca, Attacker
  • Katrina Geiger, Defender
  • Molly Little, Defender
  • Mira Shane, Goalie
  • Taylor Hensh, Attacker
  • Mary Kate Bonanni, Defender
  • Grace Gabriel, Midfielder

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