Join us for special events at Softball Season 3.

Sunday, August 7

Power in my Voice

Athletes Unlimited has launched “Power in My Voice,” our voter engagement campaign to inspire voter participation, demonstrate that there is power in every person’s voice, and encourage fans to exercise their power through their vote and other forms of civic engagement. Whether it is speaking up for a cause, standing up for your teammates and peers, or helping out in your community, everyone can have an impact through their actions.

Join us as we celebrate “Power in my Voice” on Sunday, August 7.



Saturday, August 13

Little League

We are proud to be partnering with Little League® to support increased visibility and access to the sport of softball across the country. Join us as we bring together Little League Softball players and grow excitement around the game. You’ll have a chance to cheer on former Little Leaguer and current Athletes Unlimited Pro Softball Player, Aleshia Ocasio! To learn more about Little League or find a team in your community, click here.



Sunday, August 21

Pride Night

Athletes Unlimited will celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and promote inclusion for all people. This themed game day will feature Pride merchandise as well as original content to be aired on broadcast and shown in-stadium. We are proud to provide an inclusive atmosphere for fans, players, staff and all who come to support Athletes Unlimited’s softball season.