Aleshia Ocasio

AUX Softball San Diego: Meet the Series 1 Teams

Aleshia Ocasio © Athletes Unlimited, LLC 2022 / Credit: Jade Hewitt Media
Alexandra Licata
Jun 11, 2022

The inaugural 18-game season of AUSoftball is here and things began on Saturday as three captains drafted their teams for the first series.

Captaining teams for Series 1 are Aleshia Ocasio (Gold), Amanda Chidester (Orange) and Carrie Eberle (Blue), who finished Season 2 of Athletes Unlimited Softball first, second and fourth, respectively.

Meet the teams for Series 1 of AUX Softball San Diego. Competition begins Monday at 6 p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT at San Diego Softball Stadium. Tickets are available now.


Facilitator: Ellie Cooper

  • Aleshia Ocasio, Right-Handed Pitcher
  • Rachel Garcia, Right-Handed Pitcher
  • Amanda Lorenz, Outfielder
  • Danielle Gibson, Corner Infielder
  • Sierra Romero, Middle Infielder
  • Aliyah Andrews, Outfielder
  • Sydney Romero, Middle Infielder
  • Courtney Gano, Corner Infielder
  • Sashel Palacios, Catcher
  • Nadia Taylor, Designated Player
  • Danielle O’Toole, Left-Handed Pitcher
  • Jordan Roberts, Catcher
  • Jazmyn Jackson, Outfielder
  • Kama Dung, Right-Handed Pitcher


Facilitator: Tatum Edwards

  • Amanda Chidester, Corner Infielder
  • Georgina Corrick, Right-Handed Pitcher
  • Haylie McCleney, Outfielder
  • Alyssa Denham, Right-Handed Pitcher
  • Dejah Mulipola, Catcher
  • Sis Bates, Middle Infielder
  • Morgan Zerkle, Outfielder
  • Aly Harrell, Designated Player
  • Rachele Fico, Right-Handed Pitcher
  • Nicole Rangel-Mendes, Outfielder
  • Sam Fischer, Corner Infielder
  • Sydney Littlejohn Watkins, Right-Handed Pitcher
  • Andrea Filler, Middle Infielder
  • Maddi Hackbarth, Catcher


Facilitator: Charlotte Morgan

  • Carrie Eberle, Right-Handed Pitcher
  • Gwen Svekis, Catcher
  • Caleigh Clifton, Middle Infielder
  • Tori Vidales, Corner Infielder
  • Megan Wiggins, Outfielder
  • Haylie Wagner, Left-Handed Pitcher
  • Victoria Hayward, Outfielder
  • Taylor Edwards, Catcher
  • Abby Ramirez, Middle Infielder
  • Maggie Balint, Right-Handed Pitcher
  • Shannon Rhodes, Outfielder
  • Caylan Arnold, Right-Handed Pitcher
  • Lilli Piper, Corner Infielder
  • DJ Sanders, Designated Player

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