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Lacrosse Season 3: Movers of Week 2

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Alexandra Licata
Jul 31, 2023

Week Two of Athletes Unlimited Lacrosse featured historic performances, game-winning goals, and impressive 2-pointers.

Team Apuzzo finished the week with an undefeated 3-0 record and every member on the team walked away with 295 win points.

Here’s how each team performed.

  • Team Moreno: 2-1 Record | 270 Win Points
  • Team Apuzzo: 3-0 Record | 295 Win Points
  • Team Read: 0-3 Record | 40 Win Points 
  • Team Colson: 1-3 Record | 145 Win Points


Kenzie Kent rose a whopping 35 spots on the leaderboard into 16th place in Week Two. As a member of Team Moreno, she contributed seven goals, including a hat trick in Saturday’s game against Team Read. She earned MVP 1 honors for the performance, adding 45 points to her leaderboard total to tally a career-high 198 points for the game.

She also scored a highlight-reel 2-point goal from behind the net.

Must-See TV

The rivalry between Taylor Moreno and Sam Apuzzo has been building since last season. The two athletes have gone head-to-head at the top of the leaderboard, making their Sunday night Lacrosse matchup ‘Must-See TV’. 

While Moreno sits at No. 1 with a comfortable lead to begin Week Three, Apuzzo has had the upper hand when they face off. She’s defeated Moreno in four of their last five meetings. In fact, the only game Moreno has defeated Apuzzo was the Season 2 finale, in which Moreno claimed the Championship title. 

In their Week Two matchup, Moreno’s team fell to Team Apuzzo, but the goalkeeper posted a single-game record 17 saves. 

Let’s take a look at how they compare on the leaderboard.

  • Win Points
    • Moreno: 440 Points | Apuzzo: 505 Points
  • Stat Points
    • Moreno: 472 Points | Apuzzo: 206 Points
  • MVP Points
    • Moreno: 135 Points | Apuzzo: 180 Points

Apuzzo edges Moreno in Win Points and MVP Points. All of her MVP points have come from MVP 1 honors received on four occasions. Moreno has earned MVP 1 honors twice, MVP 2 honors once, and MVP 3 honors once.

In the Stat Point category, Moreno holds a significant lead over Apuzzo, who has lost 100 points due to turnovers.


Charlotte North climbed 25 spots in Week Two and contributed eight goals to Team Moreno. She had a four-goal effort in Thursday’s Week Two opener, and a hat trick in Saturday’s game against Team Read.

She was held to just one goal in Sunday’s matchup against Team Apuzzo. At No. 14 on the leaderboard, she’s a player to watch as she continues to make an impact on the team’s she’s drafted to.


Week Three begins on Thursday, Aug. 3 at 5 p.m. ET / 4 p.m. CT as Team Glynn takes on Team Apuzzo on ESPNU.

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